Thursday, August 25, 2011

Courgette & Mint Clafoutis

One thing I like about summer is that I don't have to the market to get fresh vegetables. I can find almost everything in our vegetable patch. Today I've collected few courgettes, salad & some mints . Instead of doing the usual Gratin au Courgette, today I am going to do our favourite Courgette & Mint Clafoutis. Easy & yet delicious , goes very well with salad & why not some Nusturtium flowers from our garden. Adding some beautiful colours in the salad & not forgetting their amazing pepper and radish taste.

Catherine's expectations of pleasure from her visit in Milsom Street were so very high that disappointment was inevitable; and accordingly , though she was most politely received by General Tilney, and kindly welcomed by his daughter, though Henry was at home, and no one else of the party, she found, on her return, without spending many hours in the examination of her feelings, that she had gone to her appointment preparing for happiness which it had not afforded. Instead of finding herself improved in acquaintance with Miss Tilney, from the intercourse of the day, she seemed hardly so intimate with her as before; instead of seeing Henry Tilney to greater advantage than ever, in the ease of  family party, he had never said so little, nor been so little agreeable; and, in spite of thier father's great civilities to her-- in spite of his thanks, invitations, and compliments-- it had been a release to get away from him.

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen ( 1817)

 Nusturtium from our garden


  1. Beautiful flowers and Courgette. I love the brilliant color in your photos.

  2. Delicious and beauty how lovely blog you have, tahnks for stopping by! gloria

  3. This looks lovely and the flowers are truly beautiful!

  4. Thank you very much ladies for your compliments. I really appreciate that you all drop by & look at my work. I luv all your blogs.