Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple & Black Berry Crumble

According to the calendar today is the first day of Autumn  & what a lovely season. I love autumn with all those beautiful colours of the leaves on the trees. Showing their most elegant colours which mother nature reminding us that life is full of colours even they begin hibernation.
Apple season is finally here, & it's time for a simple dessert that will not take too much time after a hectic day . Why not an easy apple crumble with black berries top with a delicious vanilla ice-cream . We are harvesting our last black berries in our garden.
Apple & Black Berry Crumble
Recipe from my good friend Lily 

Ingredients serve 4
140g flour (I used 70g flour + 70g ground almond)
75g sugar (I used light brown sugar)
75g butter ( cut into cubes / diced)
4 apples ( pelled, cored & diced into 2 cm )
10g black berries


1) Preheat oven to 180°C . In a large bowl combine flour, sugar & butter . Rub the mixture till resembles  crumbs . 

2) Grease 4 ramekins & add in diced apples & black berries . Topped with crimble mixture . Bake for 20 mins till light golden brown . Serve with ice-cream . YUM 

 Emma - Jane Austen ( 1816)

And the bell was rung, and the carriages spoken for. A few minutes more, and Emma hoped to see one troublesome companion deposited in his own house. to get sober and cool, and the other recover his temper and happiness when this visit of hardship were over.
The carriage came: and Mr. Woodhouse, always the first object on such occasions, was carefully attended to his own by Mr. Knighley and Mr. Weston; but not all that either could prevent some renewal of alarm at the sight of the snow which had actually fallen, and the discovery of a much darker night than he had been prepared for.

Flowers from my garden


  1. Look amazing like all your lovely recipes!! I love it! perfect pictures!! gloria

  2. Thanks again Gloria. Looking forward to see your amazing recipes too.

  3. The flowers are so beautiful. Life is full of colours indeed.

  4. Thanks you Desperate housewife in Holland. Can't imagine living in a world without colours & flowers. They just light up your day everytime you see them. Don't you think so?