Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cider Chicken

Another recipe from my good friend Lily . Easy & comforting meal using apple & cider ....YUM

Cider Chicken
1 chicken
1 onion (cut into 4)
1 shallot sliced
2 Granny Smith apple ( peeled, cored & diced into huge pieces)
1/2 liter of cider
1 tsp of Calvados or cognac
70g ginger (sliced)
20g butter
salt & pepper


1) Preheat oven to 180°C . Sprinkle salt & pepper all over the chicken . Stuffed the chicken with  chopped onion, 1 cut apple & sliced  ginger . Place the chicken on a cooking pan .

2) Add sliced shallot around the chicken & pour over the chicken half of the cider . Place the chicken in the oven & cook for 1 hour .

3) After 1 hour of cooking time , remove the chicken from the oven , add the rest of the cut apples around the chicken & spread the butter on the it . Then pour the rest of the cider & calvados over it & cook for another 30 mins  .  Bon appetit

A moment with Jane 

With this inspiring notion, her questions increased in number and meaning; and she particularly led Harriet to talk more of Mr. Martin, and there was evidently no dislike to it. Harriet was very ready to speak of the share he had in their moonlight walks and merry evening games; and dwelt a good deal upon his being so very good- humoured and obliging. "He had gone three miles round one day, in order to bring her some walnuts, because she had said how fond she was of them- and in every thing else he was so obliging! He had his shepherd's son into the parlour one night on purpose to sing to her. She was very fond of singing. She believed he was very clever, and understood every thing.

Emma - Jane Austen ( 1816)

 Our last batch of sunflowers from our garden .

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