Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dates and Pistachio Mooncake

After doing the first batch of snowskin mooncakes, now I am really inspire to do my interpretation of mooncakes. Using all the ingredients that I can find over here in France. I have lots of idea but because lack of time, I have only done few of it. Who know may be next year I might try to do the traditional mooncake.

Fanny watched him with never- failing solicitude, and sometimes catching his eyes, received an affectionate smile, which comforted her, but the first day's journey passed without her hearing a word from him on the subjects that were weighing him down. The next morning produced a little more. Just before their setting out from Oxford, while Susan was stationed at a window, in eager observation of the departure of a large family from the inn, the two were standing by the fire; and Edmund, particularly struck by the alteration in Fanny's looks, and from his ignorance of the daily evils of her father's house, attributing an undue share of the change, attributing all to the recent event, took her hand, and said in a low, but very expressive tone, "No wonder---you must feel it--- you must suffer. How a man who had once loved, could desert you! But yours--- your regard was new compared with--- Fanny, think of me!"

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen (1814)

Chocolate & Walnut mooncake

Chestnut & red bean mooncake

Plum or Prune mooncake. I have made a huge mistake by placing it in the freezer.

 Green bean & Physalis mooncake

Chocolate Cherry- Cognac mooncake


The moulds that I use for making my mooncakes


  1. I dont know what to say?......I am not going to even try making mooncake...after looking at this so beautifulll...

  2. they look beautiful! I'm lucky enough to be enjoyign mooncakes here in singapore without having to lift a finger hehe. but i'm really enjoying your very creative flavours! esp liek the date and pistachio because the dates will add natural sweetness without the need for extra sugar, plus those 2 are some of my fave ingredients! thanks for dropping by my blog too!

  3. Thanks Shu Han , you are right, I didn't add any sugar at all for my date paste. But still taste very sweet .& all my French friends love it compare with those traditional mooncakes.

  4. i usually have a box of mooncake from a friend, i enjoyed them a lot when i was in HK, love the red bean and lotus paste. I never did try making them and i would love to. thanks for sharing!