Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first mooncakes


When one of my sister's friend asked us to do our own interpretation of mooncake, I was quite hesitated to do. I have never done any before and the notion of doing our own way is very interesting. I was very enthusiast but I don't have any mooncake mould. So I just grab whatever mould that I can find in my kitchen that might do mooncake. Well, first of all I have to get all the main ingredients to make the Peng-Pei  which means  snowskin. Unfortunately I can't find shortening so I've replace it with oil. My inspiration went wild for this intriguing yet fascinating project.

 Fanny could not wonder that Edmund was at the parsonage every morning; she would gladly have been there too, might she have gone in uninvited and unnoticed to hear the harp; neither could she wonder, that when the evening stroll was over, and the two families parted again, he should think it right to attend Mrs. Grant and her sister to their home, while Mr. Crawford was devoted to the ladies of the park; but she thought it a very bad exchange, and if Edmund were not there to mix the wine and water for her, would rather go without it than not. She was a little surprised that he could spend hours with Miss Crawford, and not see more the sort of fault which he had already observed, and of which she was almost always reminded by a something of the same nature whenever she was in her company; but so it was. Edmund was fond of speaking to her of Miss Crawford, but he seemed to think it enough that the admiral had since been spared; and she scrupled to point out her own remarks to him, lest it should appear like ill-nature.

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen (1814)

This is my first snowskin (Peng-pei) mooncakes with red bean paste & green bean paste .


  1. Wow !! This look beautiful!! gloria

  2. I like the beautiful colors of your photos. Love the combination of flowers and food.

    1. Thanks Selena. As you can see I love flowers , I think that food & flowers make great combination to create a lovely ambiance. :)

    2. I am absolutely agree with you. I love the combination of warm and bright colors of the flowers. They make me feel passionate.