Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin & Cheese Turnover

Recently my sons had asked me to make a savoury pumpkin pastry . Well, at first I  hesitated because they don't really like pumpkin. But since they liked my Cinderella soup which is a creamy pumpkin soup, I thought why not,  just let my imagination runs wild. I just grabbed anything I can find in my refrigerator & pantry, on my way for a new adventure. And guess what, it turned out very well actually. In fact they loved it so much that they suggested that I should  make it for our friends who were coming  for aperitif . Surprisingly they loved it too and told me that I should share this tasty recipe on my blog.

Jane's corner

Marianne's performance was highly applauded. Sir John was loud in his admiration at the end of every song, and as loud in his conversation with the others while every song lasted. Lady Middleton frequently called him to order, wondered how nay one's attention could be diverted from music for a moment, and asked Marianne to sing a particular song which Marianne had just finished. Colonel Brandon alone, of all the party, heard her without being in ruptures. He paid her only the compliment of attention; and she felt a respect for him on the occasion, which the others had reasonably forfeited by their shameless want of taste.

Sense & Sensibility - Jane Austen (1811)


  1. These look amazing! I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin either but I'd love to have a few of these :)

  2. Thanks Baking Addict. Pumpkin & cheese made a great combination, I must say. You can add any cheese that you prefer for this recipe. Happy baking ^^

  3. I love these dear look delicious and beautiful and I adore the photos! and the roses! Right now I have roses again beacuse heres begin the spring I love roses are my favorites, I love to add some roses to my recipes but the las time I always forget!! your post is absolutely beauty! gloria

  4. Thank you soo much for dropping by Gloria. Your photos are very lovely too. I guessed both of us have alot thing in commen. Me too adore roses. I know how it feels when the first bloom of my roses during spring time. Looking forward to see your lovely roses in your photos. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather.