Sunday, October 16, 2011

Turkey & Grape Quiche- Quiche à la dinde et aux raisins

Grape picking is still very popular over here in France. We have the chance to experienced it many years ago before we had our children. We had ' vendanges' (grape harvest) at a vineyard in Rivesaltes, South of France ,where they produced Muscat. It was a fantastic experience and we learned a great deal about the hard work of grape harvesting and wine making . Not forgetting the lovely picturesque  surroundings  and a pleasant atmosphere where we got to make new friends who came all around the world just to have this fabulous experience called 'Les Vendanges' .

Jane's corner

Upon the whole, Emma left her with such softened, charitable feelings, as made her look around in walking home, and lament that Highbury afforded no young man worthy of giving her independence; nobody that she could wish to scheme about for her.
These were charming feelings- but not lasting. Before she had committed herself by any public profession of eternal friendship for Jane Fairfax, or done more towards a recantation of past prejudices and errors, than saying to Mr. Knightley, "She certainly is handsome; she is better than handsome!" Jane had spent an evening at Hartfield with her grandmother and aunt, and every thing was relapsing much into it's usual state.

Emma - Jane Austen (1816)