Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Croissant With Almond Cream- Croissant aux amandes

Jane's corner

Fanny had by no means forgotten Mr. Crawford when she awoke the next morning; but she remembered the purport of her note, and was not less sanguine as to its effect than she had been the night before. If Mr. Crawford would but go away! That was what she most earnestly desired: go and take his sister with him, as he was to do, and as he returned to Mansfield on purpose to do. And why it was not done already she could not devise, for Miss Crawford certainly wanted no delay. Fanny had hoped, in the course of his yesterday's visit, to hear the day named; but he had only spoken of their journey as what would take place ere long.

 Mansfield Park - Jane Auten (1814)


  1. Look georgeous and delicious:)

  2. Great idea! When I first saw the title I thought you'd made your own croissants! :)

  3. Thanks Gloria & Baking Addict. I did not make my own croissants this time . I bought it from our favourite bakery. It's really the best croissant ever . & since this recipe needs stale croissant & I have some left so why not using them to make a dessert. I made croissants before but since we had great bakery down the street, I just give making my own.