Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cod and Mushroom Gratin - Gratin de cod forestier

The Gratin is another French cuisine that I like to do. This is one of the recipe that include fish and mushroom. Great for the cold winter months.

Jane's corner

"Captain Wentworth is not very gallant by you, Anne, though he was
so attentive to me.  Henrietta asked him what he thought of you,
when they went away, and he said, `You were so altered he should not
have known you again.'"

Mary had no feelings to make her respect her sister's in a common way,
but she was perfectly unsuspicious of being inflicting any peculiar wound.

Persuasion - Jane Austen (1818)


  1. Look amazing:)
    I love your posts(lol)

  2. Ooh this looks lovely and another recipe that I can make in my mini Le Creuset! I couldn't quite read the ingredient above ground nutmeg beginning with C - help please, thanks!

  3. Merci Gloria for dropping by :)

    Thanks Baking Addict. The ingredient is cucurma. I hope you can read it now , I've modified the texts. Thanks for trying my recipe. Happy baking :)