Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ma vie en rose...

Michèle Morgan Rose

Here I go again talking about roses. Whenever I feel little melancholy , a rose will light my day. I guess that I am a romantic and some might consider me boring with my Jane Austen's novels. Well, nobody is perfect, right. As you can see , I'm not good at words but , let say that I prefer say it with a rose. I would love to share some photos of my roses from my garden. I believe there is a rose for each and everyone. I hope you can find yours in my album ' Ma vie en roses'. And hopefully you will enjoy looking at them as much as I did. How I wish I can add in the song 'La vie en rose' here and make it more romantic and meaningful!

Michèle Morgan Rose

Paul Bocuse Rose

Champagne Terrazza Rose

Bossuet, Aigle de Meaux Rose

David Austin Collection -  Raubritter Rose
David Austin Collection -  The Alnwick Rose

David Austin Collection - Jude The Obscure Rose

Pierre De Ronsard rose is one of the most popular rose in France.

David Austin Collection -  Golden Celebration Rose

Madam Alfred Carriére Rose

Empreinte De Dorieux Rose

Pink Cloud Rose

David Austin Collection -  Benjamin Britten Rose

David Austin Collection -  William Morris Rose

Honoré De Balzac Rose

Julio Iglesias Rose

  Leonard De Vinci Rose

Flora Danica Rose


  1. How absolutely stunning! I love roses and have to fight the man to get a meagre few.

  2. Thanks , glad that you enjoy my rose pictures. Have a lovely day! =)

  3. Absolutely amazing !!!!I love it all too!!!!thank you for sharing