Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pistachio Roll - Bûche aux Pistaches

Every year for Christmas I would make at least 2 Bûche de Nöel (Christmas Log). The reason being that our younger son doesn't like the traditional Bûche aux Marrons. I must say that after an aperitifs and 5 course meal , it is quite difficult to eat the famous Bûche aux Marrrons. So I have to come out with some sort of light bûche . Last year I've made this Bûche aux Pistaches ( Pistachio Log). Pistachio and raspberry make a great combination. I have tried few recipes using these two ingredients. But for the Bûche aux Pistaches I wanted to add in a creamy texture but not too heavy. I found this recipe in one of magazine so I wanted to give it a try. It is certainly very light and  tasty but the downside is, it's not thick enough even after chilling it for few hours. Nevertheless  it's still delicious and all my families liked it. Even though  it's not Christmas yet but I still love to taste it again. And giving me a chance to share this recipe as well.

Jane's corner

The loveliness of the day, and of the view, he felt like herself. They often stop with same sentiment and taste, leaning against the wall, some minutes, to look and admire; and considering he was not Edmund, Fanny could not but allow that he was sufficiently open to the charm of nature, and very well able to express his admiration. She had a few tender reveries now and then, which he could sometimes take advantage of, to look in her face without detection; and the result of these looks was, that though as bewitching as ever, her face was less blooming than it ought to be. She said she was very well, and did not like to be supposed otherwise; but take it all in all, he was convinced that her present residence could not be comfortable, and, therefore, could not be salutary for her, and he was growing anxious for her being again at Mansfield, where her own happiness, and his in seeing her, must be so much greater.

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen ( 1814)


  1. Look yummy and lovely of course! and I see your roses still are georgeous! nice pictures!! gloria

  2. Perfect looking log. Love the colours and flavours.

  3. Thank you Gloria. Glad that you like it :)

  4. This has a stunning appearance to it. The filling does have some wonderful ingredients in it. You do not see that many baked goods with pistachios, so I am glad to come across this one. Delicious and elegant!

  5. Thank you Tina. I'm glad that you like it. I love pistachio, I always wanted to try and add them in some of my baking :)