Friday, November 11, 2011

Rose Panna Cotta

I think by now all of you should have guess that by seeing all my photos that I am a huge fan of roses. All these roses are from my garden. I have planted more than 20 roses over the past 5 years. It was a tremendous joy to see them fully bloomed. And I am the kind of person whose romantically superstitious about the meaning of certain flowers. The language of flowers are very important so that you will send the appropriate signal to that special person. The pink rose  means happy love. And now I'm sharing this Italian dessert , the Panna Cotta with a touch of rose to wish you all A Happy Love.

Jane's corner

 "Well, Marianne," said Elinor, as soon as he had left them, "for one morning I think you have done pretty well. You have already ascertained Mr Willoughby's opinion in almost every matter of importance. You know what he thinks of Cowper and Scott; you are certain of his estimating their beauties as he ought, and you have received every assurance of his admiring Pope no more than is proper. But how is your acquaintance to be long supported, under such extraordinary dispatch of every subject for discourse? You will soon have exhausted each favourite topic. Another meeting will suffice to explain his sentiments on picturesque beauty, and then you can have nothing farther to ask."

Sense & Sensibility - Jane Austen (1811)