Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stuffed Capon with Foie Gras, Chestnut & Cognac for Christmas

For Christmas this year, my hubby  requested for capon instead of duck. Initially I was thinking of cooking a duck because last year we had deer meat with Grand Veneur sauce for Christmas. We are not a great fan of turkey especially my hubby whose a French and love to eat something new every year for Christmas. But this year he wanted to eat a capon;  I would say  the capon stuffed with chestnut & cognac is a classic French Christmas dish. It's been quite awhile that I've not cook it.  But this time around I've added some foie gras in the stuffing because my hubby loves foie gras like most the French. The capon is quite common over here in France especially during the festive season. Capon is actually slightly bigger than a chicken but smaller then a turkey. But it taste better and more tendered than turkey. It's great to come back to some classic cooking because it's always the best.

Jane's corner

Her brother and sister came back delighted with their new acquaintance,
and their visit in general.  There had been music, singing,
talking, laughing, all that was most agreeable; charming manners
in Captain Wentworth, no shyness or reserve; they seemed all
to know each other perfectly, and he was coming the very next morning
to shoot with Charles.  He was to come to breakfast, but not at the Cottage,
though that had been proposed at first; but then he had been pressed
to come to the Great House instead, and he seemed afraid of being
in Mrs Charles Musgrove's way, on account of the child, and therefore,
somehow, they hardly knew how, it ended in Charles's being to meet him
to breakfast at his father's.
Anne understood it.  He wished to avoid seeing her.  He had inquired
after her, she found, slightly, as might suit a former slight acquaintance,
seeming to acknowledge such as she had acknowledged, actuated, perhaps,
by the same view of escaping introduction when they were to meet.

Persuasion - Jane Austen (1818)


  1. Looks like your husband had a great idea-the dinner sure does look delicious. Your pictures here are amazing-love the plating. Love the music on here and the tie in you do to the Jane Austen novels. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  2. What an amazing meal, such a wonderful combinatioin of flavours and look at that table setting.....just gorgeous!

  3. Classic is definitely the best. This looks like a most enjoyable Christmas meal. Everything looks delicious!