Friday, December 9, 2011

Parmentier with Duck Confit - Parmentier de canard

A couple of months ago I've made this recipe for my cousin Sarah and her husband Adrian  whom came all the way from Malaysia to visit us during their Europe tour. Had a great time cooking and baking for them. Always a great pleasure to have families come over to visit us especially all of those who lives the other part of the world.  As promised her that I'll add this recipe in my blog to share with everyone. I did not make the duck confit  because I don't really know how to make it . Well, even my mother- in -law bought it from the store and she told me it's quite time consuming .  Especially if you wanted to do it right, you have got to get the best quality ingredients ... duck fats! Nevertheless there are very good quality of duck confit in the market nowadays. Almost everyone I know bought duck confit to make this exquisite yet simple recipe . A classic French recipe that I'm sure a lot of you will like for this festive season.

Jane's corner

ELIZABETH'S impatience to acquaint Jane with what had happened could no longer be overcome; and at length resolving to suppress every particular in which her sister was concerned, and preparing her to be surprised, she related to her the next morning the chief of the scene between Mr. Darcy and herself.
Miss Bennet's astonishment was soon lessened by the strong sisterly partiality which made any admiration of Elizabeth appear perfectly natural; and all surprise was shortly lost in other feelings. She was sorry that Mr. Darcy should have delivered his sentiments in a manner so little suited to recommend them; but still more was she grieved for the unhappiness which her sister's refusal must have given him.

Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen (1813)


  1. Look delicious and I love the little pots where you served

  2. Thanks Gloria. This mini ' cocotte' is gift from a friend ^^