Thursday, January 5, 2012

Duck With Honey, Balsamic Vinegar & Thyme

To celebrate the New Year, we usually had something special for lunch. Well, something out of the ordinary meal .It is also a reason to celebrate and begin the year with by cooking something tasty. So I've cooked duck breast  with honey, balsamic vinegar and thyme sauce. It's quite amazing how it blends well all the ingredients. The honey and thyme smothered the sour taste of the vinegar perfectly. It's a perfect sauce with  medium rare duck breast.  Bon Appetit & Bonne Année

Jane's corner

With a look of much respect,
he immediately rose, and being introduced to her by her
conscious daughter as "Mr. Henry Tilney," with the
embarrassment of real sensibility began to apologize
for his appearance there, acknowledging that after
what had passed he had little right to expect a welcome
at Fullerton, and stating his impatience to be assured
of Miss Morland's having reached her home in safety,
as the cause of his intrusion.  He did not address himself
to an uncandid judge or a resentful heart.  Far from
comprehending him or his sister in their father's misconduct,
Mrs. Morland had been always kindly disposed towards each,
and instantly, pleased by his appearance, received him
with the simple professions of unaffected benevolence;
thanking him for such an attention to her daughter,
assuring him that the friends of her children were always
welcome there, and entreating him to say not another word of
the past.

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen (1818)

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  1. Looks delicious. I just cooked and ate duck for the first time ever this week!

  2. I have never prepared duck before, but I have had it a couple of times at restaurants. There is definitely a trick to preparing this correctly. Your pictures do convey that you have done this before, the duck looks amazing and delicious.

  3. Merci Desperatehousewife :)

    Thanks Amy. Oh wow.. I hope you like duck now as much I do. Actually a couple of years ago I don't even dare cooking duck because of the complicity of how to cook it right. But after awhile I wanted to challenge myself on trying just once how to cook this bird that everyone here love to eat. After cooking it for few times & few easy recipes I kind of get the idea how to cook it.

  4. thanks Tina for dropping by. Yes, I cook duck once awhile, not that often. And after learning & experiencing from few recipes, I start to get the idea how to cook right. But sometime I do over cooked it. Nevertheless my boys are always here to eat them :)