Thursday, January 12, 2012

Matcha Dragon Cookies for Chinese New Year

After looking at my sister's good friend Lannie's  tasty Chinese New Year cookies, I was tempted to bake one  myself. I have never bake any CNY cookies before so I wanted to make the Dragon cookies. And last week  I have tried making the original recipe of the Dragon cookies. Well, it worked out alright but the only down side was they looked like cute little snakes or even worms, that  my family and friends mocking me about my so called Dragon cookies the whole week!!! So I've decided to make my version of Dragon cookies and Lannie had suggested adding some green coloring . So I did by adding some  Matcha powder (Japanese green tea). I'm still not satisfied with the color .My recipe is totally different from the original recipe. My dragon cookies are more to sablée. Well, whether it melts or not in the mouth as the original version, you have to try this recipe and let me know because it's been ages I've not eaten the famous Dragon cookies. Not only me whose tempted by all the CNY cookies even  Malaymui & Desperate housewife in Holland also joined in the fun and baked some delicious CNY cookies . And they looked  amazingly divine. Wishing all my families and friends around the world a Happy and Prosperous Dragon New Year .Gong Xi Fa Chai

Matcha Dragon Cookies


420g flour
250g soften butter
150g powdered sugar
60ml oil
30ml milk
4 tsp Matcha powder
2 tbsp corn starch
red food coloring
Piping bag & star shape piping tip


1) Sift flour, corn starch & Matcha powder together.

2) Beat  soften butter , sugar & pour in oil , blend  well till combined. Add in gradually the sifted flour mixture. Pour in milk & knead with hand the batter till smooth texture . But if it's too hard, add in some milk to make the dough lighter. The dough should  be soft & easy for piping.

3) Preheat oven to 160°C. Grease baking tray.  Place batter in a piping bag with a  star shape tip & squeeze batter out into zigzag on the baking tray. Using a skewer with sharp ends & red food coloring to dad two eyes onto the dragons.

5) Bake for 5 to 7 minutes till slightly brownish color. Let to cool . 

Bon Appetit


  1. are amazing and beauty dear perfect!!!

  2. Merci Gloria . You a really sweet :)

  3. Love your matcha dragon cookies! I've made dragon cookies and green tea cookies separately but such a great idea to combine both! I thought my dragons look like snakes too - I like your longer dragons :) The uncooked dough looks very green but less when baked. When I made green tea cookies, they turned extremely green, almost brown after baking!

    1. Thanks Baking addict. Ya, I'm surprised that after baking it turned out this color. I expected it to be greener . Might it be of the amount of Matcha that I added in?

  4. These are so cute and creative!

  5. These cookies look so fun! I bet my kids would love the shape.

    1. Thanks Mary. Ya, I'm sure they'll love it as my two boys :)

  6. Well couldn't they just be baby dragons? they look really cute anyway. I haven't tried matcha in biscuits yet, but it's on my list!

  7. Very creative cookies here! Love how you did the dragon shape. Thanks for pulling this tasty one out of archives, it is new to me.