Monday, February 13, 2012

Lychee & Champagne Macaron For Valentine's Day

Jane's romantic moment in Mansfield Park

Having once set out, and felt that he had done so on this road to happiness, there was nothing on the side of prudence to stop him or make his progress slow; no doubts of her deserving, no fears of opposition of taste, no need of drawing new hopes of happiness from dissimilarity of temper. Her mind, disposition, opinions, and habits wanted no half-concealment, no self-deception on the present, no reliance on future improvement. Even in the midst of his late infatuation, he had acknowledged Fanny's mental superiority. What must be his sense of it now, therefore? She was of course only too good for him; but as nobody minds having what is too good for them, he was very steadily earnest in the pursuit of the blessing, and it was not possible that encouragement from her should be long wanting. Timid, anxious, doubting as she was, it was still impossible that such tenderness as hers should not, at times, hold out the strongest hope of success, though it remained for a later period to tell him the whole delightful and astonishing truth. His happiness in knowing himself to have been so long the beloved of such a heart, must have been great enough to warrant any strength of language in which he could clothe it to her or to himself; it must have been a delightful happiness. But there was happiness elsewhere which no description can reach. Let no one presume to give the feelings of a young woman on receiving the assurance of that affection of which she has scarcely allowed herself to entertain a hope.

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen (1814)

Lychee & Champagne Macaron - Mararons Litchi Champagne
A recipe of Benoit Molin


For macaron
130g grounded almond
230g icing sugar
30g powdered sugar
120g egg whites
red food coloring

For  Champagne cream
150g Champagne
50g sugar
Half a lemon juice
3 egg yolks
1 tbsp corn starch
10cl whipped cream

30 lychee ( fresh or canned lychee)


For macaron

1) Preheat oven to 150°C.

2) Beat egg white & powdered sugar till fluffy. Add 2 to 3 drops of red food coloring & beat till combined.

3) Macaronage : Fold in grounded almond with a spatula, start from the middle, working out from bottom towards the top. Fold gently till smooth with shinny texture.

4) Place the macaron mixture in a piping bag & pipe it on the baking tray. Pipe as shown on the photo. One full heart & another with just the side of the heart shape.
5) Bake for 15 to 20 minutes & let it to cool.

For the Champagne Cream

1) Bring it to a boil the Champagne & lemon juice.

2) Beat egg yolks & sugar till creamy. Add in corn starch & stir well.

3).Pour egg mixture into champagne & bring it to a boil., remove from heat & let it to cool.

4) Once it's cool fold in whipped cream till all combined.

5) Place the full heart shape macaron on plate. Spoon or pipe the Champagne cream on the center of the macaron. Add lychee around the macaron & add the top of the macaron with some crystallized rose petals.

Bon Apetit & Happy Valentine's Day

I'm entering this recipe to Alphabakes challenge hosted by Ros @baking addict from The More Than Occasional Baker.


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  1. wow this looks AMAZING!! I think your heart looks great - I'm very impressed!! I have yet to make normal macarons! Love the lychee and champagne too. This would be a perfect entry for my alphabakes challenge this month if you are interested

    1. Thanks Baking Addict. I would love to join your alphabakes challenge this month with the letter "L" .

  2. This dessert looks so lovely. I LOVE fresh lychees, but I can only find them here for about one week a year in about July.

  3. Thanks Amy. Ya, me too having problem finding fresh lychees. I bought them a month ago but can't seem find them anywhere now. For this recipe I've used can lychees. Not much choice actually. But still it tasted delicious with the Champagne cream. Will try again with fresh lychees! :)

  4. absolutely beauty!!!! we only find llychees in tins:( these look georgeous!!
    Happy Valentine day!

  5. Thanks Gloria. Ya, it's quite difficult to get lychee , I'm using canned lychee for this recipe . I've tried looking for lychee in few stores but without luck. So I just bought canned ones.

  6. Stunning post here! I am just sitting here drooling over the mix of flavors in this-champagne and lychee fruit. Oh how I would love to taste this. Finding canned lychee may be a difficult task, but I am now officially on the hunt. Very unique and as elegant-this does showcase your talent quite well!

  7. Thank you so much Tina for your lovely compliments. If you can't find lychee, you can replace it with strawberry . Champagne & strawberry makes great combination too. Have a lovely week:)

  8. OH MY! So lovely! I wish I had that for dessert for my Valentine's dinner.

  9. Thanks Quay Po. May be we can exchange our Valentine goodies! :)

  10. This looks wonderful! I would never have thought of using lychees for alphabakes - thanks for your entry! I'm impressed at your macaron too as I found them really hard to make!

  11. Thank you Caroline. I must say that it's quite nerve racking when making macarons with all the dos & don'ts! I've failed so many times & finally after all the hard work, I've made it! For the past 3 years now that I 've tried making my macarons look like macarons without giving up hope. As I've said before, practice makes perfect! So never give up hope! :)

  12. Looks to beautiful to eat,so lovely :)

  13. Thank you Clairejustine. That's what my friends told me too!

  14. What an absolutely stunning macaron- thank you so much for entering this into TTT!

    1. Thank you so much Kate for your kind words. I would be delighted to join the again! : )

  15. I just found your post through another link, and your macaron really stood out amongst the other bakes! This is really lovely, and especially the Jane Austen references too :) Glad to have discovered your blog, I'm looking forward to looking at the other posts :)

    1. Thanks Xinmei for dropping by & your lovely words. Glad that you like my space. Hope to see you again! Have a lovely weekend! : )