Monday, May 21, 2012

Cinnamon Poached Pear with Almond Cake & Melting Chocolate - Cocottes de poire, crème d’amandes et chocolate fondu

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 6

To hear them talking so much of Captain Wentworth, repeating his name so often, puzzling over past years, and at last ascertaining that it might, that it probably would, turn out to be the very same Captain Wentworth whom they recollected meeting, once or twice, after their coming back from Clifton--a very fine young man--but they could not say whether it was seven or eight years ago, was a new sort of trial to Anne's nerves.  She found, however, that it was one to which she must inure herself.  Since he actually was expected in the country, she must teach herself to be insensible on such points.  And not only did it appear that he was expected, and speedily, but the Musgroves, in their warm gratitude for the kindness he had shewn poor Dick, and very high respect for his character, stamped as it was by poor Dick's having been six months under his care, and mentioning him in strong, though not perfectly well-spelt praise, as "a fine dashing felow, only two perticular about the schoolmaster," were bent on introducing themselves, and seeking his acquaintance, as soon as hey could hear of his arrival.

Poached Pear & Almond Cake With Melting Chocolate  - Cocottes de poire, crème d’amandes et chocolate fondu
Adapted from the cookbook “ Cocotte minus !” from Frédéric Berqué

4 pears ( D’Anjou or Abate Fetel)
1 lemon
1 cinnamon stick
¾ litre of water
100g sugar
10g butter
1 tbsp ground pistachio

For almond cake

2 eggs
80g ground almond
60g icing sugar
100g thick/ double cream

Chocolate sauce

100g dark chocolate
10g butter
1 tbsp water


1)      Combine water with sugar & cinnamon stick in a saucepan over high bring to a boil. Stir till sugar dissolved.

2)      Peel pears & sprinkle them with lemon juice. Place pears in boiling cinnamon syrup & let the pears to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes or till tender. Turn time to time the pears to ensure even cooking.  *The poaching time will vary depending on the variety of pear and degree of ripeness 

3)      For the almond cake:  Beat egg yolks, cream & icing sugar till creamy. Fold in ground almond till well combined.

4)       Beat egg white with a pinch of salt till stiff peaks. Gradually fold in egg white into cream mixture till well incorporate.

5)      Preheat oven to 200°C & grease ramekins with butter. Pour & fill half of the ramekin with almond cream mixture. Place poached pear in the center of ramekin. Bake for 20 minutes.

6)      For melting chocolate sauce: Melt chocolate & butter with water on double boiler / bain marie till smooth texture. Drizzled warm chocolate sauce over the poached pears & sprinkle some ground pistachio.

 I'm entering this recipe to We Should Cocoa challenge hosted this month by Laura of How To Cook Good Food  & co- hosted with Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog. This month's theme is Almond & Chocolate of course.

Aquilegia flowers from  my garden


  1. Wow that looks amazing!! That's my kind of chocolate 'drizzle' :) Lovely photos as always.

  2. Mmmm... a really yummy dessert. I should try this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I actually spent the entire drizzily day out in the garden transplanting and tidying up! Boy oh boy I just would have loved to come in from the dampness to such warmth and goodness!!!

    And guess what, my Aquilegias are blooming too!!! Thanks fir sharing, Kit!

  4. Well I certainly feel deprived after seeing this amazing dessert. Love the presentation! Also, no doubt this is one heavenly bite-great texture and flavor. So glad I did not miss this one-delicious and elegant. Impressive post.

  5. Kit , this dessert looks too gorgeous to eat ! If only I can grab some of that right now ! ;D Oh ! I won't return the fab le creuset ramekins , okay ?! lol

  6. Totally decadent Kit!!! Beautiful presentation dear.
    I want to have one right now :D
    Have a nice day!

  7. im loving and having a feast just looking at all ur wonderful bakes....lovely ;)

  8. Holy cow, girl you can never have too much chocolate ;) What a delightful dessert I can't remember the last time I had poached pears, wish I could eat the picture on my computer screen lol. Beautiful photos as always!

  9. Your pear dessert looks cute served in the ramekins! I would not say no if you served me one!
    Gorgeous flower, another beauty from your lovely garden!
    Have a nice day, Kit!
    Did you manage to try out the guacamole? :)

    1. Thanks Joyce for your kind words. Yes, I've tried your mango quacamole! It's really delicious & will try again soon with friends ! Thanks for sharing your awesome recipes! Have a nice day Joyce! =)

  10. What a beautiful looking dessert and combining almonds with both chocolate and pears is a classic flavour and one which I love dearly.
    The presentation in the pretty little pots is so clever. I am most impressed and think you have come up with a fantastic entry to We Should Cocoa so thank you for entering!

  11. Kit, poached pear is such a popular dessert! I've read many different recipes but never try 1 but I know that a successful poached pear is the one that you can spoon out with a teaspoon with no fuss, exactly like the one that you showed us in those pictures!

  12. Wow this looks stunning,I could just eat one :)

  13. What a beautiful dessert yet again Kit!I also make poached pears but never like this!it looks so decadent that I have to try it asap :)And that chocolate drizzle over the top just takes it another level :)Gorgeous!

  14. wow..gorgeous dessert !! Feel like grabbing right from the screen ;)

  15. Hi Kit, my dessert Queen. hehehe
    As usual your photography skill is excellent and your presentation too like 5 star.

    Love this dessert, it look so good, wish I can have some now.
    You garden must be very beautiful and full of flowers. You sure good at gardening. Love all your flower, it looks so gorgeous.

    Have a nice day, a big hugs to you.

  16. Pears are so in season here at the moment I have been thinking how I can use them - love the almond cake too, of course the chocolate sauce goes without saying.

  17. Hello Kit! This looks just lovely, as does your blog and the beautiful music I am hearing as I write this comment. Thank you so much for making my evening :) bye for now Jane

  18. That chocolate covered pear is so creative and looks so neat in the cake! This looks like a dessert from a fancy restaurant!

  19. Awesome dessert. Love the flowers.

  20. looks delishh & absolutely mouthwatery dessert..
    lovely pics..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  21. I've never seen a poached pear made like this, but it looks amazing! Fruit, cake and've done it all in one delicious dish!

  22. i've not seen poached pears in cakes!! this is so special! i cant imagine how delicious this could be with a spoonful of this..or fork, maybe! yum!!

  23. Love this post - so much so that I'm featuring it in this week's Food Fetish Friday series (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and I'm always inspired by your creations… Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Javelin, Thank you for dropping by again & your kind words! It's nice to hear from you again ! I love to share this recipe & truly honored that it will be feature in your Food Fetish Friday! It really make my day! Thanks again & have a great weekend! :)

  24. Kit, I have seen poached pears in wine or chocolate sauce (just the fruit) but never in a cake. I liked this very much and it looks stunning in those lovely cups.
    The flowers are very nice. You should give a complete tour of your garden.

  25. Wow, this is an impressive dessert and a lovely combination of flavours! I'd like to try poaching pears! :-)

  26. Thank so much everyone for your lovely comments; I truly appreciate it! Wish you all a wonderful day! HUGS =)

  27. Kit you are such a creative cook and a brilliant photographer to boot. These pears are another amazing creation and they look fantastic. Thanks for bringing such a fabulous dessert to WSC.

    I keep seeing your exerts from Persuasion and thinking it's high time I read the book again.