Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nougat Brownies

I think by now most of you know how much I love nature & spending time outdoor just from the pictures that you’ve seen on my blog.   Obviously I adore picnics so when Louise from Months Of Edible Creations invited me to join in The Picnic Game event , I was really trilled & wouldn't want to miss it in the world.  I’ve never play this  picnic game before even as child so I’m very excited to join in the fun.  How we play this game?   Well, every blogger will choose a letter & come up with a yummy treat with that letter.  And I’ve chosen ‘N’ for Nougat.  I love nougat & had made ice-cream with it but  it’s time to make them more decadent !!  I’ve used  white  nougat  from  Montélimar also known as Nougat De Montélimar for this recipe.  It’s preferable to use chewy nougat so that it’s easier to cut into pieces .  It is also best served when they are  still warm to taste the melting nougat oozing out from these brownies .   I must say it's a pure delight  &  a total melting moment for me!  LOL  For those of you who love nougat as I do, this is a recipe you should try.  An amazing combination of chocolate & honey nougat that seems like  a piece of heaven! 

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 8

There was a momentary expression in Captain Wentworth's face at this speech, a certain glance
 of his bright eye, and curl of his handsome mouth,  which convinced Anne, that instead of sharing
 in Mrs Musgrove's kind wishes,  as to her son, he had probably been at some pains to get rid of him;
but it was too transient an indulgence of self-amusement to be detected
by any who understood him less than herself; in another moment he was perfectly collected and serious, and almost instantly afterwards coming up to the sofa, on which she and Mrs Musgrove were sitting,  took a place by
the latter, and entered into conversation with her,  in a low voice, about her son, doing it with so much sympathy and natural grace, as shewed the kindest consideration for all that was real and unabsurd
in the parent's feelings.

Nougat brownies
Inspired from  Le Flo Des Saveurs

Ingredients for 16 brownies                                    
200g dark chocolate
100g flour
80g sugar
4 eggs
200g nougat ( cut into small cubes)
200g butter 


1) Preheat oven to 200°C. Grease cake pan or  muffin pan

2) Melt chocolate & butter on double boiler / bain marie till smooth.

3) Beat egg & sugar till creamy. Fold in flour & gradually pour in melted chocolate. Stir well til all combined.

4) Add in small cubes of nougat into the chocolate batter & mix till well combined. Pour in cake pan or individual pan , filling only  ¾  full. Bake for 15 minutes. Taste best  while it’s warm.

Bon Appetit

I’m going for a picnic & I’m bringing…

N… Nougat Brownies from yours truly… ME! Heheheh

Another treasure from my garden... Pink Lavender

Three years ago I bought this pink lavender from The Netherlands during our stay at my sister's lovely home.  I've never seen pink lavender before so I've decided to get not one but I also purchased a white lavender too.  When I bought this it was a tiny plant but look at it now.  It's  not totally fully bloom but I just can't resist it but to take some pictures & share them here. Hope that you all will like it & may the summer season begin with this lovely lavender & some delightful  picnics too!

Wish you all a lovely day


  1. Well , If I have a gorgeous garden just like yours , that would be my to-go photo ops command center , too ! lol The combination of chocolate and nougat sounds delicious ! Such a pretty nibble to bring to that awesome picnic !

  2. wow....amazing brownies...I love the way you capture the clicks....fabulous....

  3. Hi Kit,
    love nougat & love brownies too... perfect match.. just wondering whether the nougat will melt inside or we still have the crunchy gooey nougat?

  4. I am so delighted that you are joining us for the Picnic this year Kit. Your post is simply breath taking. Even the passage from Jane Austen is one of my favorites!

    Quite honestly, I'm betwixt and between:) As much as I absolutely adore Brownies, and yours are dotted with delicious bits of white Nougat, the Pink Lavender has me mesmerized. I've never seen Pink Lavender before. My gosh it's pretty:)

    I sure know where I'm sitting at the picnic though. I'll be plopping my blanket down right next to you! Of course, I plan on being at the center of everyone's blanket but if you're missing a few Nougat Brownies every now and again, Guilty!!!

    You did a beautiful post for the Picnic Game, Kit. Thank you. I can't wait to "See" you there!

  5. The brownies look amazing. I love the lavenders... I use them to bake sometimes, and it has a wonderful fragrance

  6. OOOOOh love the heart shape! Just want to bite into these. The looks perfect, just how it's supposed to be.
    Lavenders are gorgeous dear. The click of the pink one with the bee is so cute.
    Have a wonderful day dear!

  7. Wow, Kit! Nougat in a brownie! You are making me drool already! Yum,yum,yum! Can I tapau back any extra after the picnic? Looks irresistible! We are gonna have so much fun eating all the delicious yummies everyone is bringing! And are you bringing your gorgeous lavender too? Wooohooo....!!!

  8. Hi i love all your bakes, your blog and of course the beautiful flowers you've got!

  9. Hi Kit, can pass me 2 pieces of your brownies... with a cup of lavenders tea. ;)

    Your brownies look really good and so cute. Love the texture, look very moist and the filling is so yummy yummy...

    Your presentation is really gorgeous and the lavenders from your garden, wish you can pass me one bunch too. It's so beautiful.

    Have a nice day, regards. With love and kisses to you. *hugs*

  10. My mouth is watering right now! I've never tried making nougat before, but now I really want to try your recipe out, looks decadent and delicious. Have a wonderful day!

  11. What a fantastic and creative idea! Love your beautiful pics, too - as always. :)

  12. AWWW, these are so pretty... and wow, that lavender is gorgeous to.

  13. Love post and pictures and such yummy cakes I can almost taste them :)

  14. The nougat brownies look amazing! The picture are lovely as always.

  15. These look lovely, I'd have them at my picnic! Love that they are heart shaped!

  16. Nougat and chocolate yummy!!! These are beautiful treats. Love the combination of these flavours!!

  17. wow, love these nougat brownies and when i saw that picture of that warm piece of nougat in your brownies, ooh, how i wish i can grab it! we are going to hv a delicious picnic, i think i'll bring along a tupperware too to tapau a few of your nougats, can or not?

  18. What marvelous brownies! Especially since they have a lovely surprise in the center! Perfect way to end a picnic~

  19. Great food+pretty flower+nice music, what else we can ask for? Never mention b4 but I do like this music in your blog very much!

  20. Stopping by from the picnic game--what a clever twist on a picnic classic. And I love your pink lavender too!

  21. I'll definitely bringing these home with me....straight to my container!

  22. Oh yes, this is a brownie for me. I love nougat but haven't had it for years. I bet these are so delicious. And the heart shapes are really cute too.

  23. Nougat brownies! Oh yes.. I've never made these. I love your blog. You must, must, do a guest chocolate post on Also-I'm a gardener, and I have a lot of lavender.. but not pink! Heart shaped brownies.. cool...

  24. This is another interesting recipe, nougat in the brownie . Thanks for sharing .

  25. Both brownies and flowers blow me away.