Thursday, July 12, 2012

Avocado, Ham with Wasabi & Black Sesame Seed Loaf Cake

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 9

Charles "had never seen a pleasanter man in his life; and from what he had once heard Captain Wentworth himself say, was very sure that he had not made less than twenty thousand pounds by the war.  Here was a fortune at once; besides which, there would be the chance of what might be done in any future war; and he was sure Captain Wentworth was as likely a man to distinguish himself as any officer in the navy.  Oh! it would be a capital match for either of his sisters."
"Upon my word it would," replied Mary.  "Dear me!  If he should  rise to any very great honours!  If he should ever be made a baronet! `Lady Wentworth' sounds very well.  That would be a noble thing, indeed, for Henrietta!  She would take place of me then, and Henrietta would not dislike that.  Sir Frederick and Lady Wentworth!  It would be but a new creation, however, and I never think much of your new creations."

Avocado, Ham with Wasabi & Black Sesame Seed Loaf Cake
Recipe adapted from Beau à la louche


150g  minced bacon or ham
125g flour
125g whole wheat flour
2 tsp of baking powder
2 tbsp of  Wasabi powder
2 tbsp black seame seeds
80g grated Comté cheese Or Gruyere cheese
2 eggs
250ml milk
50g melted butter
1 avocado but in small pieces
Salt & pepper


1)      Preheat oven  to 200°C Grease a loaf cake pan

2)      Fry bacon or ham  till golden brown  & drain on paper towels & let to cool.

3)      Combine flours, baking powder, Wasabi powder, sesame seeds & grated cheese .

4)      In a bowl add lightly beaten eggs & milk.  Pour the milk mixture into dry mixture together with melted butter, bacon , avocado pieces & salt & pepper. Stir till well combined.  Pour mixture into loaf pan & bake for 20 minutes till golden brown.

I'm entering  this recipe to  AlphaBakes challenge hosted by  Caroline of Caroline Makes & co-hosted by  Ros@ Baking Addict from The More Than Occasional Baker .  The random letter for this month is W as Wasabi

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  1. What a very interesting and unique bread this is! The avocado looks so pretty inside of it and I bet it's delicious with the salty ham and wasabi! Great recipe.

  2. This look awesome Kit, I love the black sesame in it! Nice!

  3. Wow what an unusual and interesting flavour combination! Love the idea of a savoury loaf. Perfect for sunday brunches! Bookmarked :D.
    Have a great day dear!

  4. What an interesting cake you have here? I guess this must be savory instead of the usual sweet cake?

  5. Hi kit, wow.... your loaf cake look really good. The texture is very moist and mouth watering.
    Pass me 2 slices please, with a cup of coffee.LOL

    As usual your flowers are extremely gorgeous, everything from your garden look so pretty. You sure good at gardening. :)

    Have a nice weekend, regards

  6. What an interesting loaf! You are right, I would never have thought of combining them together too! Beautiful flowers! :)

  7. When I saw this on my blog feed I was hoping you'd entered it into alphabakes! Wasabi is definitely the most unusual ingredient we've had so far!

  8. This is original . I have never had this before. Looks yummy.
    I love your daisies!

  9. I have never tasted a savory cake before. The ingredients in your cake are very interesting , I just curious how the taste..,

  10. Looks delicious ! Though I'm not fond of avocado :P :D Wasabi's an interesting ingredient in this cake ! Another lovely flowers ! Keep 'em coming ! How's your strawberry patch ?!

  11. This looks amazing,I can't wait to try it so I've pinned it to remind me to have a go :)

  12. This is a totally new recipe to me, very interesting combination! You did a great job, Kit!

  13. An unique and delicious quick bread studded with all the chunky avocados!

  14. It looks so flavorful, My dear. Quite unique with avocado in it.

  15. Wow, this is packed with all sorts of fabulous ingredients!! What a delicious savory loaf!

  16. The name itself is full of flavor. Interesting indeed. Wasabi in a loaf? Although have not heard of avocado in a loaf, but combined with wasabi..i'm sure this is such an interesting loaf with great flavors of the hot pungent wasabi and creamy-li-cious avocado. You've raised my curiosity on how this loaf tastes like. Bookmarking definitely!

  17. Wow! this really is something completely different! but it does sound very interesting and delicious. did you like it?
    hugs to you dear Kit, have a beautiful Sunday

  18. i would hv never thought of these combination too, it's indeed an intriguing recipe and very unique!! just like some of them, i'm curious abt its taste too!

  19. Hi Kit, I love the combination of ham and avacadoes and I am sure the wasabi will really give it a kick. What an innovative bake.

  20. i sure love avocado with ham or bacon in a sandwich but to have these together with wasabi in a cake sounds very very interesting! i'm really curious to know how it tastes like!

  21. Oooh I just love the ham and avocado in this bread and the texture looks so good!Will be trying this for sure :)

  22. What an interesting combination for a savoury loaf! Ham and avocado seems very tasty together.

  23. This looks amazing and colourful. I have never put avocado in bread before but I do love it on toast so this could be an interesting alternative. Looks interesting like my pumpkin and feta loaf.

  24. Great minds think alike :) I used wasabi for my AlphaBakes entry too. This looks delicious and intriguing - I wish I could have a slice now. Thanks for entering AlphaBakes!

  25. That combination of ingredients sounds delicious and this is one that I am definitely going to have to try. I've never baked with avocado before and imagine it could work well.