Monday, July 30, 2012

Raspberry & Mascarpone Tart

I've totally forgotten to post this recipe till today! To begin with, two weeks ago my friend ‘J’s daughter , Maelys asked me if I can teach her & her best friend how to make an easy tart .  I was delighted to teach them the basic of tart making from scratch. I’ve bookmarked this easy tart recipe that I came across at Jamie that calls for raspberries .  And  we were just beginning to harvest our first raspberries of the year from our garden !  This fits in the bill perfectly!  So early of last week I’ve  shown the girls how to make a basic sweet crust  with mascarpone filling & topped with fresh raspberries . Unfortunately I’ve run out of chocolate , so I did not topped with drizzle melted chocolate as in the recipe .  Another stunning & yet easy recipe from Jamie Oliver . The girls have great time making these tarts even though most of the time they were looking at  my elder son, Julien!  I was beginning to wonder if they are really here to learn how to bake or  checking out  Julien!  LOL 
And this afternoon I’ve had an amazing surprise from Maelys & Clotilde when they  came over with  these awesome tarts that they’ve made  all by themselves !  I’m so touched & proud of them  that they have achieved  it with excellent  results! They even  drizzled these tarts with melted chocolate !  Even my friend ‘J’ was  surprised that his daughter can make these lovely tarts ! But he told me secretly that the girls have burnt the other tarts & only 4 were still presentable !  LOL  It's the thought that counts .  I wanted to thank Maelys & Clotilde for these yummy surprise  &  ‘J’ for the lovely bouquet of flowers that truly brightens up my day .  Not forgetting to all my wonderful friends that  visited me during the weekend ! I’m so blessed to have all these  awesome friends!  God bless you all .  Now instead of baking , I think I’m gonna  be a florist!  LOL

These raspberry & Mascarpone tarts are made by Maelys & Clotilde. Merci les filles! 

Raspberry & Mascarpone Tarts
Adapted & inspired from Jamie Oliver. com
I’ve used my sweet crust recipe

For pâte sable ( sweet shortcrust pastry):
250g flour
125g butter (room temperature
75g powdered sugar
2 egg yolks
4 tbsp of milk
A pinch of salt
Rice  or dried beans
10 mini tart pans or cases

For mascarpone filling
100ml natural yogurt
250g mascarpone cheese
3 tbsp icing sugar
Zest of ½ orange ( I’ve used lemon zest)
250g raspberries
100g dark chocolate  (70% cocoa)


1) For sweet crust pastry:
Combine flour, sugar, salt in a bowl & rub in butter till crumbs. Add in sugar, egg yolks & milk & knead till smooth dough. .  Place in a polybag & chill for 2 hours.

2) Preheat oven to 170°C & grease mini tart cases.  Remove pastry from refrigerator & place the dough on a lightly floured surface and use a rolling pin that is absolutely straight. Lightly dust it with flour and place it in the centre of the dough. Roll the dough up onto the rolling pin and gently unroll it over one of the prepared tart pans. Press the dough into the pan and roll the pin over the top of the pan to remove the excess dough. Fill with rice or dried beans, & bake for 10 mins. Remove from oven & leave to cool.

3) For mascarpone filling:
Beat mascarpone, yogurt, orange zest ( I've used lemon instead) & icing sugar till light & creamy. Spoon in the cream mixture onto the cooled pastry cases. Topped with fresh raspberries.

4) Melt chocolate on double boiler. Drizzle each tart with melted chocolate  & served. Can be store in fridge for later too.

Thanks again Maelys , Clotilde, Julien , Sébastien & 'J' for helping to set up everything for this photo session today. Without you guys, I don't think I could have taken all these pictures. Merci!

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  1. What a cute story, so impressive that they made them by themselves as well! and they look super yummy, love that you used the raspberries you've grown too! that makes them even better!

  2. Beautiful tarts Kit look amazing!!

  3. Oh dear!Hope you feel better soon Kit!
    I love your tart and the filling and I'm very inspired to try it!Love the raspberries with the chocolate drizzle too :)

  4. oh look at tat...raspberries are my fav....;)
    Hope ur doing well now ;)

  5. You never know your friend's daughter has crush on your son but I am glad she asked for this recipe and we got to see these easy tarts which look the best.

  6. Poor Kit... Hope that your injured hand is recovering. These tarts are very beautifully made! You are lucky that you have lots of helpers with all these baking and photography... or maybe some washing :p

  7. Lovely post. the clicks are lovely. cAn you pass one of the tarts please? :D
    Glad to hear you are doing fine. You really got us worried there.
    Lots of hugs to you.

  8. Hi Kit, what a beautiful looking tart... looks so delicious.

  9. Yes, you still make it for Cook Like A Star, cook like Jamie Oliver! Must be a great feeling to harvest your own raspberries!

  10. Mascarpone is so good in cakes. I like the combination with raspberries. These tarts are well presented and beautiful. X

  11. Kit , hope your hands are healing well ! Maybe I should come over to help you harvest some of that luscious raspberries ?! I'm just drooling at the thought of that raspberry patch so as your strawberry patch for that matter *sigh* :D Girls , stop staring at Julien for a while and unroll that pastry dough as it's melting already ! lol Anyway , that tarts just look simply mouthwatering !

  12. wow, you're harvesting your first raspberries!! how i would love to see you doing that..maybe me standing next to you and hep you carry a basket?? BOth the kids are really clever, i'm impressed at the tarts, very are a good teacher! ..and a good gardener!! oh, a good florist too!

  13. 2nd attempt in leaving my comment here:

    What dainty results in both tarts! The two girls have a wonderful teacher in you!

  14. Hi Kit, Harvest raspberries! I'm so jealous!!! Lena can carry the basket, I'll just pop them in the mouth as we harvest them! Hehehe!
    The tarts are lovely and the two girls did a fine job with their tarts, looks perfect! That means they did learn well from you! While learning, they cuci mata-lah! hehe, your son must be very handsome!
    Glad to hear that your hand is recovering. Take care!

  15. I loved this post! As a teacher I can say teaching is a rewarding job!

  16. Raspberry, mascarpone and buttery about the perfect dessert!

  17. Hi Kit, how are you? How's your injure hand? Wish you speedy recovery and take care.

    You tart look extremely good and I love the filling and fresh raspberry. Lovely presentation and the flowers sure look gorgeous.

    Have a nice weekend. With big hugs to you lots of love.

  18. Hi Kit,
    Your tart sure look lovely and tasty though without the chocolate drizzle. Never tried making tart with mascarpone cheese I would like to learn this from you. Can you be my teacher
    It is a bit hard to get raspberries in Malaysia,
    Can I replace them with blueberries or strawberries?
    Glad to hear that your are fine and recovering ..take care^^

  19. Hi Kit, drop by to wish you HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. Nice to meet a kakis like you who like to lepat at the beach admire the six packs.LOL

    Have a beautiful weekend, Hugs to you. With lots of love.

  20. Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits. I have some growing in my garden, but they are kind of sour, and not too great to bake with.
    This looks fantastic!

  21. What a lovely story! So nice that you can use your own raspberries and pass on some of your tart knowledge! They sound and look wonderful.

  22. Hi Kit,

    Hope that your hand is getting better... I miss your bakes.

    Just want to let you know that I really enjoy baking with you and appreciate a great baking friend like you. You are always a star publishing all your beautiful bakes. Here are many awards for you...


  23. Kit, my daughter is going to love this as her favourite colour is pink! I love these pink-coloured tarts with raspberries... yum!