Monday, August 20, 2012

Banana & Tapioca Pudding With Raspberry Coulis

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 10

Everything now marked out Louisa for Captain Wentworth; nothing could be plainer; and where many divisions were necessary, or even where they were not, they walked side by side nearly as much as the other two.  In a long strip of meadow land, where there was ample space for all, they were thus divided, forming three distinct parties; and to that party of the three which boasted least animation, and least complaisance, Anne necessarily belonged.  She joined Charles and Mary, and was tired enough to be very glad of Charles's other arm; but Charles, though in very good humour with her, was out of temper with his wife.  Mary had shewn herself disobliging to him, and was now to reap the consequence, which consequence was his dropping her arm almost every moment to cut off the heads of some nettles in the hedge with his switch; and when Mary began to complain of it, and lament her being ill-used, according to custom, in being on the hedge side, while Anne was never incommoded on the other, he dropped the arms of both to hunt after a weasel which he had a momentary glance of, and they could hardly get him along at all.

Banana Tapioca Pudding With Raspberry Coulis
Source from Elle à Table


80g tapioca
1 L full cream milk
4 eggs
½ tsp salt
150g sugar
60g brown sugar
1 vanilla pod/ bean
6 sliced small bananas or 2 large  bananas
30g butter
Ramekins or custard cups

For raspberry coulis
100g raspberries
1 tsp of icing sugar


1)      Bring to a boil medium heat milk, sugar, salt & split vanilla pod lengthwise using a knife & scrape the seeds from both sides of the bean with edge of the knife. Add it in milk as well as the beans & stir well.

2)      Add in tapioca & stir well for 7 minutes till tapioca is cooked. Set aside & let to cool.

3)      Preheat oven to 190°C. Greased ramekins with  butter & sprinkle with brown sugar. Place sliced bananas in ramekins. 

4)      Remove vanilla pod from the tapioca mixture a stir in the eggs till well combined. Pour mixture in ramekins. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes till golden brown. 

5)      For raspberry coulis : Mix raspberry in mixer till puree & add in sugar. Stir well.  You can remove tapioca pudding from ramekins or serve them in ramekins with some raspberry coulis.

Submitting this recipe to AlphaBakes challenge hosted by  Ros @ Baking Addict of The More Than Occasional Baker & co–hosted with  Caroline of Caroline Makes. The random letter for this month is T as for Tapioca! 

I'm entering this post to Bake Along Challenge hosted by Resh of Daily Cuppa  . This month's theme is all about bananas

Bon Appetit


  1. Great entry for AlphaBakes - I didn't think of Tapioca probably because I'm not a fan of it but I do like bananas. I love that they are heart shaped. Thanks for entering AlphaBakes!

  2. This looks great. Bananas, tapioca and raspberries sound like a wonderful combination, Kit!

  3. Nice one! Love the cute hearts :D. Never used tapioca in my bakes, but now m thinking of trying this one :D.
    Hope your hand is better now.
    Lots of hugs!

  4. awww, this looks awesome Kit... are they yummy as well... gosh, i like it very much bt not too good with tapiocas...:-p

  5. A strong asian influence in making this pudding. I have HK's style of sago pudding before but not in a fusion style like this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the look of this pudding - are they difficult to plop out of the ramekins?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it's very easy to remove from the ramekins coz I've added slices of bananas all around the ramekins. With the caramelized bananas it will pop out without trouble. If it does not then just use a shape knife & cut the edges of the ramekin. It will do the trick. Hope you'll try this recipe. Have a lovely day! =)

  7. Lovely pudding! I have not tried using tapioca pearls in baking, only have used them to make some local kuihs. Thanks for sharing this awesome dessert! :)

  8. Hi Kit, great combination. This pudding look really delicious. I like tapioca but have not try with banana, thanks for sharing this recipes.

    As usual love your beautiful flowers and nice presentation.

    Have a nice day, regards. With hugs to you.

  9. These look great, I've never seen tapioca used like this before!

  10. Thanks for the fusion twist and treat! Awesome! Might just steal this... and make it soon!

  11. Kit , that reminds me of our sweet dessert back home though ours is not baked :D And sort of like mango sago but with a more different twist ! That pudding with raspberry coulis looks divine !

  12. Oh my God! Kit I have tapioca pearls lying in my pantry since last 6 months(my mother in law sent it). I don't like the dessert that she make so they were just there. I love your tapioca pudding with raspberry coulis. This I am going to make it for sure.

  13. Kit you are simply amazing! I always love seeing all the fabulous desserts you have been making my friend! Have a great week!

  14. This looks wonderful. I love your photos.

  15. Oh poor Anne!

    Your tabioca puddings really do sound intriguing. I don't think I've had tabioca since I was at school and that was quite a long time ago. Your photos look beautiful as ever.

  16. wow..that looks so pretty & YUMMY!!!

  17. This tropical-summer fusion dessert looks wonderful to me. All I need now is the warm weather to bake this :D

    Btw, I'm curious to know more about the bake along challenge that you have linked with your post and the link doesn't seem go to Resh of Daily Cuppa at all.

    1. Thanks Zoe for your kind words. I've checked this morning the link to Bake Along of Resh from Daily Cuppa & found out that it does not work. Now I've tried again & finally it's working now. Do check out awesome blog. Have a nice day, Zoe! =)