Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rose Whoopie Pie with Marshmallow Icing


I’m sure by now most of you know how much I adore flowers  & I just can’t help but by  adding some rose essence into these whoopie pies with Donna Hay’s marshmallow icing recipe .. I’m sure it’s not a surprise that I’m using a floral mould to bake these whoopee pies too . The flower power again !  LOL  Instead of adding one ice-cream scoop of batter, I’ve only added 1 tablespoon of batter for each mould . Glad that I did & it was just the perfect shape & thickness .  To be honest ,I ‘m not keen of marshmallow but these swirled marshmallows were  so cute that I wanted to make something with it ! Luckily my boys love marshmallows . I was not sure about this marshmallow icing to begin with but honestly it was divine !  Just imagine a  lovely cotton candy flavour cream with a rose scented cake . Simply amazing!  I’ve never thought that rose & marshmallow can make such a perfect combo . So now , does this whoopie pie remind you of something ?  A carousel perhaps ?  LOL

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 11

Captain Benwick had some time ago been first lieutenant of the Laconia; and the account which Captain Wentworth had given of him, on his return from Lyme before, his warm praise of him as an excellent young man and an officer, whom he had always valued highly, which must have stamped him well in the esteem of every listener, had been followed by a little history of his private life, which rendered him perfectly interesting in the eyes of all the ladies.  He had been engaged to Captain Harville's sister, and was now mourning her loss. They had been a year or two waiting for fortune and promotion.  Fortune came, his prize-money as lieutenant being great; promotion, too, came at last; but Fanny Harville did not live to know it. She had died the preceding summer while he was at sea. Captain Wentworth believed it impossible for man to be more attached to woman than poor Benwick had been to Fanny Harville, or to be more deeply afflicted under the dreadful change.  He considered his disposition as of the sort which must suffer heavily, uniting very strong feelings with quiet, serious, and retiring manners, and a decided taste for reading, and sedentary pursuits. To finish the interest of the story, the friendship between him and the Harvilles seemed, if possible, augmented by the event which closed all their views of alliance, and Captain Benwick was now living with them entirely. Captain Harville had taken his present house for half a year; his taste, and his health, and his fortune, all directing him to a residence inexpensive, and by the sea; and the grandeur of the country, and the retirement of Lyme in the winter, appeared exactly adapted to Captain Benwick's state of mind.  The sympathy and good-will excited towards Captain Benwick was very great.

Rose Whoopie Pie with Marshmallow Icing
Marshmallow cream filling adapted from Donna Hay
Yields for 20 whoopie pies

Ingredients :

2 eggs
120g  butter (room temperature)
150g sugar
350g flour
250ml milk
5g of baking powder
2 drop of rose essence
100g  marshmallows cut into half
20 raspberries

For marshmallow cream filling:
150g marshmallows
30g butter
60g white chocolate, chopped


1)      Preheat oven to 150°C. Grease whoopee pie pan or a baking tray.

2)      Sift flour &  baking powder in a bowl.  Beat butter & sugar till creamy.
3)      Add in vanilla extract & eggs gradually . Beat till well combined.

4)      Fold in flour & alternate with milk & stir till all well incorporated. 

5)      Using a piping bag or an ice-cream  scoop  to scoop a dollop on whoopee pie pan or baking tray. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Let to cool.

6)      To make marshmallow icing: Combine marshmallow & butter in a sauce over low heat. Stir well till smooth texture. Remove from heat & stir in chopped chocolate  till totally meleted & well combined. Let to cool. Decorate mini marshmallows around cake & using pipe marshmallow icing in the centre of the cake. 

I’m entering this recipe to Bake Along challenge hosted by  Joyce of  Kitchen Flavours Lena of Frozen Wings Zoe of Bake With Happy Kids.


  1. I love them! They are so beautiful :-) I love your photos too. Catching some of the last summer rays. Xx

  2. Gorgeous colors! I love the mold for your whoppie pie, so pretty. and who doesn't love flowers :)

  3. These look just perfect! I love your mould too!

  4. These are so pretty Kit, too pretty to be eaten!

  5. Hi Kit,
    I commented just now, don't know whether it went thru, the screen suddenly went black when I click publish! So cancel the first one if you did receive it.
    Your whoopie pies are very pretty! I love how your pies turned out so "carousel-ly" LOL! (new word!!) And the shape of the pie is really nice!
    I was saying earlier on, that when I was at the nursery the other day, looking at all the flowers, I immediately thought of Kit from France! LOL! And your flowers are much more beautiful and gorgeous than the ones there! Now when I see any flowers, I would think of you! Hahaha!
    Have a great week, I would imagine you strolling in your gorgeous garden!
    Has your hand fully recovered now?

  6. Beautiful!! Thats the only thing I can come up with..M speechless Kit seeing this. You have done a marvelous job. I think we should now officially crown you as our "Whoopie Queen". You have shown us amazing variety of whoopies and m super impressed with all the flavour combos you have presented. Mwwaaaaaaah!!

  7. Hi Kit,
    This is a amazingly pretty Rose Whoopie pie. I love your flower whoopie pie mould. They made lovely flower shapes.

    When i was reading your Rose Whoopie Pie post, my Shawn(eldest son)walk pass my laptop..Guess what he said..
    'Wow! That was a very pretty whoopie pie'..Indeed it is very pretty and delish!!
    Love you blog very much. I would like to share an awards with you..please collect here.


  8. Super Fabulous Kit.....attractive presentation too...

  9. These are so pretty! love the flower mould whoopies and it was a great idea to include actual marshmallows along with the marshmallow icing too, it adds such pretty colours! wow - what a lot of whoopies!

  10. How pretty! These are some unique whoopie pies!

  11. Kit , these whoopie pies are the prettiest I've ever seen yet !!! And the marshmallow icing sounds delicious ! Looking at these makes me smile !

    I love your flower decoration in each of your post :D

  12. I am a marshmallow addict. Wonderful little treats and so beautiful too!

  13. have been seeing lots of whoopie pie recipes this week and yours is the prettiest! love this flower mould, so cute!

  14. this looks absolutely gorgeous! i am not too keen on marshmallows either but can totally understand why you wanted to make them. they are so pretty! hugs xxx

  15. Kit, your flower shaped whoopie pies look very pretty. I think you are a genius and a perfectionist too making these...

  16. Your whoopie pies are a work of art. They sound yummy!

  17. Wow, these are so amazing, you're really talented Kit!

  18. hi kit! they are so pretty, so elegant! no, it does not reminds me of carousel but i'm thinking something like in a fairytale story...! thumbs up for your whoopie pies!! thanks so much for all your entries!

  19. Kit, these are the most gorgeous whoopie pies I've ever seen! I love how you used the silicone molds for the beautiful pattern :) You've made my mouth water~

  20. So beautiful and very amazing loved the colors too dear love it lots

  21. Looks to beautiful to eat but would love to try them,love these :)

  22. Hi Kit, oh mine..... your whoopie pies look so beautiful and soooo cute. Look awesome and I like the marshmallow filling, delicious.

    As usual I like to admire your flowers, you sure got lots of varieties in your garden.

    Have a nice weekend, regards. With hugs to you,.

  23. These are absolutely perfect, the shape, the colours .... everything!