Saturday, August 18, 2012

White Chocolate & Cherry Mousse

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 10
"Mary is good-natured enough in many respects," said she; "but she does sometimes provoke me excessively, by her nonsense and pride-- the Elliot pride.  She has a great deal too much of the Elliot pride.  We do so wish that Charles had married Anne instead.  I suppose you know he wanted to marry Anne?"
After a moment's pause, Captain Wentworth said "Do you mean that she refused him?"
"Oh! yes; certainly."
"When did that happen?"
"I do not exactly know, for Henrietta and I were at school at the time; but I believe about a year before he married Mary.  I wish she had accepted him.  We should all have liked her a great deal better; and papa and mamma always think it was her great friend Lady Russell's doing, that she did not.  They think Charles might not be learned and bookish enough to please Lady Russell, and that therefore, she persuaded Anne to refuse him."

White Chocolate & Cherry Mousse

Ingredients for 4

150g cherries + 50g
120g white chocolate
350ml liquid cream (cold)
Icing sugar
4 glasses


1)      Melt white chocolate on double boiler/ bain marie.

2)      Bring to a boil 50ml of liquid cream & pour into white chocolate . Stir till well combined. Let to cool.

3)      Whisk the rest of the cold liquid cream till foamy & add in white chocolate mixture gradually till well combined. Add in cherries in glasses before pouring white chocolate mouse evenly. Chilled them for at least 2 hours.

4)      Blend cherries in a blender till puree.  Add some icing sugar if needed. Pour on top of each glasses of white chocolate mousse before served. 

I'm submitting this recipe to We Should Cocoa challenge hosted this month by  Janice of  Farmersgirl Kitchen & co-hosted by Choclette of  Chocolate Log Blog. This month's theme is cherry.


  1. I love the presentation! Great idea for we should cocoa this month.

  2. Your dessert is a knockout! Looks sooooo gooood! Really wishing that glass of yummilicious is right in front of me, not on my laptop screen, but right in my hands! Drooling...!!
    And beautiful flowers!!

  3. oooh lovely cherries!! Want to just grab one of those cute little glasses...slurp!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday dear!

  4. Such a great combo , Kit ! Very tempting dessert ! I still have some cherries here but no more white chocolate :P :D

  5. yeah, i also think just by using white chocolate alone wont give you that very chocolatey taste unless you use bittersweet choc plus some coffee but that's another thing.. nevertheless i wouldnt mind having this mousse if you're making it for me, it looks gorgeous!

  6. you are talented! I cannot stop thinking that whenever I look at your posts. The presentation is always excellent.
    I love this mousse. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Kit, this is so beautiful, love the way the cherries are lined up at the bottom of the cup. Looks like a great dessert to have.

  8. What a gorgeous dessert! Beautifully styled, too. I am the white chocolate lover in the family, so I would have no trouble making these disappear :)

  9. Thank you dear friends for your lovely words & for stopping by. God bless you all & have a nice day! =)

  10. Hi Kit, lovely dessert, look awesome. Can pass some to me, I love cherries. :)

    Very classy presentation and nice click.

    Have a nice day, regards. With hugs to you.

  11. Now that looks like a lovely dessert Kit, even if it doesn't contain dark chocolate. Cherries and dark chocolate are a nice combination, I've not sure I've tried them with white. They look superb and thanks for entering them into WSC :)

  12. Such a pretty dessert. Thanks for joining We Should Cocoa this month.

  13. Wow Kit, your dahlias are amazing!! you should sell them, they're showstoppers! and I love your super cute dessert, arranging the cherries in the bottom of the glass like that to give it a polka dot effect is just genius!

  14. ahh..they look so pretty & YUM!! I'm gonna try this for sure :)

  15. I love the use of white chocolate with the cream and cherries - I bet this turned out so tasty! And I love the presentation with the bright red cherries studding the bottom of the glass... I'm featuring this post in today's Food Fetish Friday (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and thanks for the inspiration...