Monday, September 24, 2012

Pumpkin Strudel - Strudel à la citrouille


Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 12

When they came to the steps, leading upwards from the beach, a gentleman,
at the same moment preparing to come down, politely drew back,
and stopped to give them way.  They ascended and passed him;
and as they passed, Anne's face caught his eye, and he looked at her
with a degree of earnest admiration, which she could not be insensible of.
She was looking remarkably well; her very regular, very pretty features,
having the bloom and freshness of youth restored by the fine wind
which had been blowing on her complexion, and by the animation of eye
which it had also produced.  It was evident that the gentleman,
(completely a gentleman in manner) admired her exceedingly.
Captain Wentworth looked round at her instantly in a way which
shewed his noticing of it.  He gave her a momentary glance,
a glance of brightness, which seemed to say, "That man is struck with you,
and even I, at this moment, see something like Anne Elliot again

Pumpkin  Strudel - Strudel à la citrouille


500g grated pumpkin (remove as much juice as you can)
4 tbsp of dark brown sugar
1 grated Granny Smith apple
30g raisin
2 tbsp of ground hazelnut or almond
1 tsp cinnamon + some for deco
½ tsp ground nutmeg
½ tsp ground ginger
1 tbsp of 4 spice mix
3 phyllo sheets

20g melted butter
1 tbsp sugar
Whipped cream


1)      Preheat oven to 180°C . Combine grated pumpkin , apple, brown sugar & all the spices. Stir well till well combined. 

2)      Roll out 1 sheet phyllo, brush melted butter on it & sprinkle with some sugar. Place another layer of phyllo sheet & repeat the same process.

3)      Spoon  ground hazelnut along short of the phyllo sheet as shown below . Topped with half of the pumpkin mixture  & raisin . Add the rest of the pumpkin mixture .

4)      Start with folding the side of phyllo sheets in over filling; lightly brush edges with butter . Starting at the filled side & gently roll up forming a roll. Brush roll with some butter & bake for 35 minutes. Let to cool a little & sprinkle some ground cinnamon & sugar mix for deco. Served with whipped cream

I've added a little maple syrup on my whipped cream . Another weakness of mine besides honey, chocolate & caramel! SWEET

I’m entering this recipe to AlphaBakes challenge hosted by Caroline of  Caroline Makes & co-hosted with  Ros @ Baking Addict of The More ThanOccasional Baker . The random letter for this month is P .


  1. What a great idea of making this strudel with pumpkin in it! and presenting with a dollop of whipped cream.

  2. love this pumpkin strudel I think is wonderful!!

  3. This looks gorgeous, and perfect for autumn - thanks for entering it in Alphabakes!

  4. This screams AUTUMN out loud! Beautiful and delectable!

  5. Kit, your photos are always so gorgeous. Love how you always have all sorts of different flowers and backdrops :D

  6. Hi Kit, your strudel look so delectable and delicious. yum yum Please pass me 2 pieces with a cup of coffee. LOL

    Really love your presentation. Look so gorgeous.
    Take care my dear, have a nice week ahead. Lots of love to you.

  7. Kit, I remember you had asked me for a Dosa batter recipe for making INdian style pancakes. I just posted and leaving you a link here. Hope you can try it. :o)

  8. Love autumn gifts and your pumpkin strudel looks amazing. I'm going to try it for sure!

  9. Oh wow it sounds amazing,i have never tried punkin but now i want to try :)

  10. Kit , this strudel looks delectable ! I love the flavor combo .... I've always wanted to bake some goodies using pumpkin but haven't get around to it :P :D

  11. Oh, Wow! I love this, all my favourite ingredients in one strudel! Talking about your autumn fruits always leave me green with envies (one envy for each!! hahahaha!) Your strudel looks so delicious, Kit! I had pumpkin on my mind this morning at the market, but came home without it! LOL! We are on the same boat, forgetful!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Your strudel is so flaky! I love the filo dough shortcut! And I've never had pumpkin strudel, but it looks fantastic~

  13. That is one gorgeous pumpkin strudel. It looks delicious kind of like a pumpkin pie wrapped around pastry dough. yum!

  14. Scrumptious looking pumpkin strudel. Very nice!

  15. Great idea. I love pumpkin pie and I love strudel so this is a great recipe for me to try, and perfectly seasonal. yum!

  16. hi kit, i love pumpkins too! never in a strudel before but i can imagine how crispy and delicious this is! i think phyllo sheet is also a good saviour! LOL!

  17. Looking good, Kit, I'd love just a sample right about now!

    Thank you so much for sharing...It's been so nice getting to know you these past months. Enjoy:)

  18. been using pumpkin a lot recently as it'sin season, strudel sounds amazing!

  19. You make the most interesting and unusual bakes! This looks lovely and it's so autumnal too! :-)

  20. Wow this sounds so delicious and so perfect for 'fall'!!

  21. Kit, please tell me what type of fruits that you don't grow in your farm, hahaha! I would love to come to visit your farm one day, hahaha! Can you share 1 slice of cake with me please!

  22. Hi Kit,
    I love pumpkin, I love phyllo pastry , I love strudel and yours looks so delish. I love it too. Kit, your bakes is always so lovely. I see there is ivy leaves print on your pumpkin strudel. Did you stick the ivy leaves on and brush with egg glaze and bake? Or you dust it with icing sugar? It is so pretty..:)