Monday, December 17, 2012

Chocolate & Praline Mendiants - Mendiants au chocolat et pralin

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion 
Chapter 14

But Mary did not give into it very graciously, whether from not considering Captain Benwick entitled by birth and situation to be in love with an Elliot, or from not wanting to believe Anne a greater attraction to Uppercross than herself, must be left to be guessed.  Anne's good-will, however, was not to be lessened by what she heard.  She boldly acknowledged herself flattered, and continued her enquiries.
"Oh! he talks of you," cried Charles, "in such terms--" Mary interrupted him. "I declare, Charles, I never heard him mention Anne twice all the time I was there.  I declare, Anne, he never talks of you at all."
"No," admitted Charles, "I do not know that he ever does, in a general way; but however, it is a very clear thing that he admires you exceedingly. His head is full of some books that he is reading upon your recommendation, and he wants to talk to you about them; he has found out something or other in one of them which he thinks-- oh! I cannot pretend to remember it, but it was something very fine--I overheard him telling Henrietta all about it; and then `Miss Elliot' was spoken of in the highest terms! Now Mary, I declare it was so, I heard it myself, and you were in the other room.  `Elegance, sweetness, beauty.' Oh! there was no end of Miss Elliot's charms."
"And I am sure," cried Mary, warmly, "it was a very little to his credit, if he did.  Miss Harville only died last June.  Such a heart is very little worth having; is it, Lady Russell? I am sure you will agree with me."
"I must see Captain Benwick before I decide," said Lady Russell, smiling.

Chocolate & Praline Mendiant - Mendiant au chocolat et pralin
Adapted from Vie Pratique Gourmand magazine Dec 2011

Ingredients  for about 15 mendiants

200g milk chocolate or dark chocolate ( chopped )
30g fined chopped praline
60g almond halved
40g pistachio
40g diced dried apricot


1)      Melt chopped chocolate on bain marie/ double boiler till smooth & shinny texture . Stir in finely chopped praline & mix till well combined.

2)      Spoon a tablespoon of melted chocolate onto a parchment paper –lined baking sheet & spread to a circle 5 cm in diameter by using the back of a spoon , making 15 circles . Topped with nuts & chopped dried apricots .  Chilled them for at least 3 hours .

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  1. These look lovely Kit, and a perfect Christmas gift! :)

  2. Oh, boy, lucky teachers! Besides being decadent and delicious, these are gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh kit all the decorations and everything looks just so beautiful, so it! and the new thumbnail is just so adorable. love the heart bracelet!
    These mendiant look great. Lucky teachers!!
    p.s. missed you all so much!! a big cyber hug to you :)

  4. What a lovely home you have, I saw the mistletoe:D I would pop a few into my mouth while decorating these delicious treats! looks yummy!

  5. Your living room is so beautiful! I love how you decorated the tree, and it all feels so warm and welcoming. And that sofa looks like the perfect place to snuggle up and eat the mendiant :-)
    Hugs to you dear Kit, have a wonderful week

  6. Love your warm and cosy place, so beautifully decked up for Christmas! Wishing you a lovely holiday season, Kit. Love your pralines, especially those nuts and dried fruits on top.

  7. So elegant - perfect Christmas nibbles. Love your decorations, particularly the staircase

  8. You have a beautiful home! The Christmas decorations are beautiful! I can just imagine myself, just like Jeannie says, pop those super-addictive looking mendiants into my mouth as I relax on your comfy sofa by the fireplace with a cookbook and a glass of wine! hehehehe!

  9. yum chocolate, thats alway the best gift. By the way love how you decorated your house, its gorgeous and very festive.

  10. I've never had these holiday chocolates, but they look really good! Your home looks so festive and pretty, too.

  11. Hi Kit, oh... my...I love your Christmas decoration, so lovely and gorgeous. You're excellent, good designer/decorator. 2 thumbs up for you.

    Your dessert look like to die for type... awesome and love the topping decoration. Very cute and pretty.

    With hugs and kisses to you.

  12. ooooh i love your christmas deco and tins! so gorgeous! the mendiants look amazing too! happy xmas! (:

  13. Hi Kit,

    I reckon you are like Martha Stewart! Your house is so perfectly furnished for Christmas. Mine is a mess, badly terrorized by my husband and son and so I gave up :p

    You have even planned well with all these chocolate for the teachers... Are you by any chance related to Martha Stewart? LOL!


  14. LOL...Thanks for the lovely words Zoe. I'm a X'mas freak actually. I've decorated a total of 3 trees in my house & have 10 huge boxes of X'mas deco & what not collected over the years! LOL Guess I LOVE X'mas more than a normal human being! hahahaha How I wish to work with Santa! LOL I hope I'll look as great as Martha at 70! She looks great for her age ! = D

  15. wow, what beautiful home and christmas decors you have! if i visit france one day, pls allow me to visit your house! hahaha! you know something, i saw your praline pictures on my dashboard and i thought you are making some ultraman design on your pralines..hehe..the almonds..LOL!

  16. These mendiants X'mas sweets are decadent and irresistible! You have a very beautiful tree.

  17. Kit , your mendiants look very inviting ! Fruits , nuts and chocolate certainly makes a heavenly combination ! lol Btw , your home is just AWESOME :D Love the Christmas decor !

  18. Your house is looking lovely and festive! These little chocolate treats sound great.

  19. Kit,
    Love your comfort home and your awesome deco.
    Your mendicants looks so tempting!
    Pass me some please..LOL
    Merry Christmas to you n family~

  20. Persuasion is such an underrated novel in my opinion.

    Such beautiful mendiants, and what a beautifully decorated home! I can only dream of having such a place with my two untidy children (and me too, I confess!) Joyeux Noel!

  21. The mendiants are as beautiful as they are likely delicious!

    Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Merry Christmas!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick