Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chocolate Streusel – Ribboned Bundt Cake

It’s time again for us at  The Home Bakers to try another yummy coffee cake recipe from Lou Sheibert Pappas’s cookbook – Coffee Cake. This event is organize by  Joyce of  Kitchen Flavours .  This recipe was selected by  Louanne of Louanne’s Kitchen . A lovely bundt cake with rich buttery flavour & chocolatey, nutty streusel .  This is the 2nd time I’ve baked a bundt cake & pretty happy with the result .  Even though my cake texture was a little bit moist than it sound be  , we , especially my sons love this cake .  I personally  love the nice design  of chocolate streusel ribbon center .  I’ve made the full recipe & used pecan nuts for the streusel  .  For full recipe please hop over to   Louanne of Louanne’s Kitchen . For more yummy bakes of this bundt cake  from all the THB members , HERE

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 15

But this was not all which they had to make them happy. They had Mr Elliot too.  Anne had a great deal to hear of Mr Elliot. He was not only pardoned, they were delighted with him. He had been in Bath about a fortnight; (he had passed through Bath in November, in his way to London, when the intelligence of Sir Walter's being settled there had of course reached him, though only twenty-four hours in the place, but he had not been able to avail himself of it;) but he had now been a fortnight in Bath, and his first object on arriving, had been to leave his card in Camden Place, following it up by such assiduous endeavours to meet, and when they did meet, by such great openness of conduct, such readiness to apologize for the past, such solicitude to be received as a relation again, that their former good understanding was completely re-established.


  1. what amazing cake:))) really a beauty!

  2. Hi Kit, lovely bundt cake. The texture look so good and yours look beautiful. Save 1 piece for me with a cup of coffee please. :)

    Lovely presentation and I love your plate. Very elegant.

    Have a nice week ahead. With hugs and lots of love to you. Take care.

  3. Your bundt cake looks so elegant. The perfect dessert.

  4. Hi Kit, yours looks exactly like the one in the book, very pretty.

  5. This just looks good on the plate but even better when we can see inside.

  6. Beautiful cake - it has such a lovely texture.

  7. Kit , that's why I bought a bundt pan last time because of its design :D The cake looks pretty indeed ! Perfect for tea .

  8. This is one huge bundt cake, Kit. And I love the perfect line in the center. Can I have a piece or two with a cup of hot tea? .. mmm...yumm.

  9. i dont want the cake, i hv one here..can i have your plate instead??

  10. Hi Kit,
    I've just came over from Jasline's and mentioned how her pretty, her square little cakes are. I have always wanted to bake in mini version, but always ended up following the original recipe using the bundt pan! LOL!
    Your cake looks moist and good, nice to know that your sons enjoy the cake. I've used walnuts for the streusel and really enjoyed it!'
    Have a great week!

  11. Kit,
    believe it or not.. I still do not a bundt pan.. hahaha.. always wanted to have one.. but still scouting for d good ones..

    yours bundt cake looks so perfect on d plate..

  12. Wow this looks incredible, thanks for sharing!

    Happy Valley Chow

  13. Hi Kit,

    Unlike mine, your bundt cake looks dark on its outside and yet light and golden in its inside. The contrast of colour look good!


  14. Hi Kit,
    WOW! I love your cake, how did you get it so lovely and brown on the outside? Did you flour the tin with cocoa powder? I baked this yesterday and it was delicious.


    1. Thank you Angela but no I did not any cocoa powder on the tin . I supposed that my oven was playing a trick on me coz my cake looks kinda 'over baked' from the outside! LOL Thanks again for baking along with us! : )