Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding ( Deila Smith )

Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding 
Adapted from Deila Online

Ingredients :

9 slices of one day old bread (crust removed)
150g dark chocolate + 20g shaved chocolate
425 ml double cream
4 tbsp rum
75g butter
3 eggs
110g sugar
1/3 tsp cinnamon

Directions :

1)      Cut each slice of bread into 4 triangles & set aside.
2)      On a double boiler or bain marie , combine chocolate, double cream, sugar, butter , rum & cinnamon . Till chocolate & butter melted & sugar dissolved . Remove from heat & stir well to amalgamate all the ingredients.
3)      In a large bowl , whisk eggs & then pour chocolate mixture over it & whisk thoroughly till well combined. Spoon about 1 cm layer of the chocolate mixture into ramekins or dish & arrange half of the bread triangles over it in overlapping rows . Pour half the remaining chocolate mixture all over the bread , then arrange the rst of the bread over that , finishing off with a layer of chocolate . With a fork, press the bread down gently so that it’s covered evenly with the liquid as it cools .

4)      Cover ramekins or dish with clingfilm & let to stand at room temperature for 2 hours before placing it in the fridge for al least 24 hours before cooking .
5)      Preheat oven to 180°C . Remove clingfilm from ramekins or dish & topped with shaved chocolate  & bake in the oven on high shelf for 30 to 35 minutes . Let to stand for 10 minutes before serving with chilled pouring cream or vanilla ice –cream.

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  1. Hi Kit, that bread pudding of yours look really good and with a scoop of ice cream, it sure to die for. Love your heart shape ramekins, look so cute and pretty. You sure got huge collection of heart shape baking tools!

    As usual your flowers is gorgeous, love this yellow color. It brights up my Friday morning.

    Have a nice weekend, take care. Hugs to you.

  2. OMG! I love this! And also your heart shape ramekins!

  3. Hi Kit, we also love Delia's recipe for bread and butter pudding. Hubby always requests me to make it for him. Thanks so much for joining us! :D

  4. look beautiful and delicious! and love your ceramic hearts!!! just beautiful!!

  5. Love the pudding with the ice cream... so decadent and tempting!

  6. Kit, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog posts. I'm happy that you love the recipes too. I love your dessert especially the awesome chocolatey crunchy and ice-cream topping. Very good suggestion from your sons ;)

  7. Hi Kit! This sounds like an interesting variation from the classic B&B pudding... Bookmarked!

  8. These made my mouth water just reading your post. Love a little Delia.

  9. Mmmmmm ! Kit , your chocolate pudding look really good ! The ice cream is a MUST in that pudding :D

  10. I thought is a piece of chocolate cake at the first glance. Look really yummy and love your presentation :)

  11. Hi Kit,
    Your pudding looks so good! Just like your hubby, I am not a fan of soggy bread pudding, but I would not mind having this, it looks lovely and more like a cake texture!
    Your sons' superb idea with the choc shavings, makes it sound even more delicious!
    Love your cute lovey ramekin bowls!

  12. These heart shaped chocolate pudding look so delicious.

  13. Hi Kit,
    Now i know what to do with my stale bread..LOL
    You made them look so lovely..with the heart shape ramekins!!
    This chocolate bread butter pudding is so good with scoops of ice cream...YUM!

    I have some awards for you,
    Please come collect here:)

  14. Bread and butter pudding is amazing! Chocolate is amazing! How could this recipe be anything other than amazing? Very hungry now and the heart shaped pudding dishes are so beautiful!

  15. Wow Kit. Let me taste it! This looks sooo wonderfully delicious. If you serve me this, nobody else exists.. the way, in answer to your question, yup, I'm the one in the purple t-shirt altho not that young! kkakakakakaka.

  16. I love bread and butter pudding but have never tried a chocolate one. Not sure if I'd have the patience to wait but looks like its worth it :)

  17. I love pudding (virtually all puddings!)so this is calling to me - love the addition of rum!

  18. Hi Kit,

    I laughed reading about your sons' Huhs! Waiting to eat a delicious food can be quite torturing!


  19. What a decadent dessert! Yes, perfect for a cold winter night, in deed. I seldom make bread pudding for the same reason. But I see you achieve a golden crunchy top on these. Maybe I should give them a try. They sound perfect with the rum raisin ice cream!

  20. Hi Kit! Generally I am not a fan of bread puddings. But since this one has chocolate, I might give it a chance :)

  21. I wouldn't be able to wait overnight to eat this!!

    Also, I love the ramekins, so pretty :)

  22. Bread and Butter pudding is one of my favourite puddings, and love the sound of your chocolate version. I'm also loving those small heart shaped dishes - I want some!


  23. Me encanta …Delicioso y bien hecho…abrazos y abrazos.