Friday, February 1, 2013

Coconut & Pandan Soufflé – Soufflé à la noix de coco et au pandan


Coconut & Pandan (screwpine ) Soufflé

Ingredients  serves 4

350 ml coconut milk
10g vanilla sugar
50g shredded coconut
1 pandan leaf
1 vanilla pod
4 eggs
50g sugar + some sugar for coating ramekin
25g flour
Butter  for coating ramekin
A pinch of salt


1)      Preheat oven to 190°C .  Coat ramekin with butter & sprinkle evenly  sugar by turning & tilting ramekin to coat sides. 

2)      Cut vanilla pod in halve , length wise & scrap out all the oily seeds from the inside with a knife .  In a sauce pan bring to the boil  vanilla seeds, coconut milk, shredded coconut , vanilla sugar & pandan  on low heat for 8 to 10 mins. Stir well & rempve from heat . Discard pandan & vanilla.
3)      In a large bowl, beat 2 egg yolks with sugar till creamy.  Beat in flour till well combined.  Add this mixture into coconut cream mixture & cook on low heat for 2 mins. Remove from heat & stir in 2 egg yolks till well combined.
4)      Beat egg white with a pinch of salt till stiff peaks.  Gently stir  in one-fourth of egg whites to coconut mixture. Fold in the remaining egg whites.  Spoon in mixture in prepared ramekins  & shapely tap dishes 2 to 3 times on the counter . Bake for 20 mins till puffy & golden. Serve immediately . 

Deflating moment !  My friend called it the 5 minutes of glory dessert! LOL

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 15

Colonel Wallis had known Mr Elliot long, had been well acquainted also with his wife, had perfectly understood the whole story. She was certainly not a woman of family, but well educated, accomplished, rich, and excessively in love with his friend. There had been the charm.  She had sought him.  Without that attraction, not all her money would have tempted Elliot, and Sir Walter was, moreover, assured of her having been a very fine woman. Here was a great deal to soften the business. A very fine woman with a large fortune, in love with him!  Sir Walter seemed to admit it as complete apology; and though Elizabeth could not see the circumstance in quite so favourable a light, she allowed it be a great extenuation.
Mr Elliot had called repeatedly, had dined with them once, evidently delighted by the distinction of being asked, for they gave no dinners in general; delighted, in short, by every proof of cousinly notice, and placing his whole happiness in being on intimate terms in Camden Place.

Submitting this post to  Bake Along hosted by   Joyce of Kitchen Flavours , co-hosted with  Lena of  Frozen Wings &  Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids .  This week’s theme is all about Soufflé .


  1. Hi Kit,
    Oh wow ! I love your soufflé.
    Coconut pandan sound so good.
    I will love this!
    I love your pink 'sarong' too (^^*)

    1. LOL... thanks a lot Mui-mui! The sarong was M'sia mari punya! :D

  2. Look wonderful Kit! I love souflé!

  3. Hi Kit,
    Wow, a pandan and coconut souffle! Asian-inspired souffle! How lovely! Your souffle looks very good, and sounds very delicious with pandan and coconut! I can imagine the mixed aroma from these two ingredients!
    Can you grow pandan plants over there? Just curious! :)
    Thank you for baking along with us and hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks Joyce! I'm not sure if I can plant pandan here even indoor. But Will try to tanam one , once I've the anak! : D hehehehehe You too, have a great weekend, : )

  4. Hi Kit, pandan and coconut is perfect together. I can just imagine how lovely this is... melt in the mouth with the fragrance of the two combined..

  5. Wow! This souffle looks yummy with the flavour of coconut and pandan!!!

  6. Very tempting souffle... Keep 1pc for me ya.. Can smell d coconut & pandan flavour from here.. hehehe

  7. Kit , your souffle looks fantastic ! It's perfectly baked as well :) Coconut and pandan sounds really good . Oh ! I just love that pretty bowl :D

  8. awesome....yummilicious...;)

  9. Oh Kit, your souffle looks perfect! I never realised that so many ppl disliked souffle cos it's one of my fav desserts.

  10. Well done, Kit. Your souffle rose very well and has the wonderful airy texture. Wish I could taste it.

  11. Hi Kit! I have seen lots of souffle recipes lately but yours is the first that uses coconut! Must be real good!

  12. What a beautiful souffle, great job! Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Valley Chow

  13. I have never made a souffle, but yours looks divine.

  14. Kit, isn't fun to have to take the photo of your well-baked souffle very quickly, right after removing from the oven? This is a very special flavour to me! Like the quote that was given by your friend, 5 mins of glory dessert! Ooh, are you back to Malaysia? Where can you get the pandan leaf? Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Jessie, Ya, exactly! Have to took the photo ASA it came from the oven & no time for what ever styling! LOL I bought the pandan leaves from Asian store nearby my place. How I wish I can tanam one but first have to get the anak! LOL

  15. hi kit, very delighting seeing some asian flavours here to make a souffle..coconut and pandan i think this is really something unique for a souffle and must be harum-nya! good idea to sprinkle some exra grated coconut on top, lovely..i'm sure your husband enjoyed this very much too! thanks for baking again with us! have a good week!

  16. Your photographs look wonderful as always Kit and coconut soufflé sounds unusual but good. I've not made soufflé before. Like you, I'm not that keen on sweet ones, but my mother used to make a lovely cheese one. If you've been won over by this one, I expect I could be too ;-)

  17. Hi Kit,

    Judging from your first picture, I reckon that you are super fast capturing your best souffle moment! I believe that the addition of coconut does help to strengthen your souffles and make less eggy and very delicious. With pandan, your Asian-style souffles must be extra heavenly... Yum!


  18. Hi Kit, lovely coconut souffle. The pandan coconut combination are one of the best pairing. Yours look awesome and the texture is so soft. I love your blue bowl, very elegant.

    With hugs and love to you. Take care my dear.

  19. I'm not really sure if I'm a fan of souffle either...but as we know I'm a big fan of coconut so this sounds pretty delicious to me!