Monday, February 4, 2013

Osmanthus Madeleines

Osmanthus Madeleine
Inspired & adapted from Benoît Molin

 Dried Osmanthus flowers that I bought from The Asian store .

3 eggs
100g powdered sugar
150g self raising flour
130g melted butter
1 lemon zest
2 ½  tbsp of dried Osmanthus

Directions :

1)      Beat egg & sugar till creamy. Fold in self raising flour & stir till well combined . 

2)      Add in lemon zest with dried osmanthus & mix well . Gradually stir in melted butter till well combined. Place in refrigerator for 1 hour. 
3)      Preheat oven to 200°C & grease madeleine mould . Spoon in 2/3 of batter on to each mould & bake for  5 mins . Reduce the oven temperature to 180°C & bake for another 5 mins till golden. Let to cool on wire rack. 

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Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 15
Anne listened, but without quite understanding it.  Allowances, large allowances, she knew, must be made for the ideas of those who spoke. She heard it all under embellishment.  All that sounded extravagant or irrational in the progress of the reconciliation might have no origin but in the language of the relators.  Still, however, she had the sensation of there being something more than immediately appeared, in Mr Elliot's wishing, after an interval of so many years, to be well received by them.  In a worldly view, he had nothing to gain by being on terms with Sir Walter; nothing to risk by a state of variance. In all probability he was already the richer of the two, and the Kellynch estate would as surely be his hereafter as the title. A sensible man, and he had looked like a very sensible man, why should it be an object to him?  She could only offer one solution; it was, perhaps, for Elizabeth's sake.  There might really have been a liking formerly, though convenience and accident had drawn him a different way; and now that he could afford to please himself, he might mean to pay his addresses to her.  Elizabeth was certainly very handsome, with well-bred, elegant manners, and her character might never have been penetrated by Mr Elliot, knowing her but in public, and when very young himself.  How her temper and understanding might bear the investigation of his present keener time of life was another concern and rather a fearful one.  Most earnestly did she wish that he might not be too nice, or too observant if Elizabeth were his object; and that Elizabeth was disposed to believe herself so, and that her friend Mrs Clay was encouraging the idea, seemed apparent by a glance or two between them, while Mr Elliot's frequent visits were talked of.


  1. I thought I could smell the Osmanthus aroma just looking at the madeleines. I happened to loves eating madeleines alot and osmanthus bring out the flavour in it. Nice. Love it.

  2. Hi Kit! Madeleine is my boy's favourite! He can have many at one go! Will ask wife to check this recipe out.

  3. what lovely madeleines!! look beauty!

  4. Hi Kit, I would love the fragrance of the Osmanthus flowers in these madeleines... Now I feel inspired to buy a mould as well...

  5. Hi Kit,
    Your madeleine sounds so fragrant with osmanthus!
    I love dried flowers, have recently bought some lavender and jasmine, now will have to add on with osmanthus and a few more. When I was at the little stall that sells all kinds of dried flowers, there are so many that I could not make up my mind! lol!
    I bought two and shall be getting more varieties when I shop there next!
    I am really looking forward to some baking, using the dried flowers that I've bought, after CNY!
    Meanwhile, send over some of your lovely Osmanthus Madeleine, I'll make a pot of tea! :)

  6. Hi Kit, your madeleine look very pretty. You're so innovative to add in osmanthus in your baking. So can make osmanthus tea to go with your madeleine? I love the fragrant scent.
    As usual pretty presentation.

    With hugs and love to you. Have a lovely week ahead,regards.

  7. Kit, I've never tried any bakes with flowers in them. I am sure these Madeleines are very fragrant and good to eat!

  8. Hi Kit, recently i bought a few packets of osmanthus flowers from Guilin too! These madeleines looks delicious! I shall book mark this!

  9. What a beautiful and thoughtful recipe - lovely!

  10. Hi Kit,
    Your Madeline's are so lovely.
    I like the pale color , make it look so unique.
    I believe one bite with aroma of Osmanthus it will even more special.
    Bookmarked this will try after CNY;:D

  11. Kit, for me, these are "ang mo" kuih bahulu, with creative of you for adding osmanthus in them!

  12. I have never made medeleines before, but i definitely want to try. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Valley Chow

  13. Hi Dear, 1 love madeleine very much.. yours are a bit different.. will copy & paste ya..

  14. Hi Kit, these madeleines sound so nice, i cant wait to get some madeleine molds from Daiso and start making these. :)

  15. I am inspired! I bought a madeleine pan when I was in France a few years ago and I still I haven't used it. I am now determined to do so.

    These looks beautiful and I am intrigued by the interesting ingredients. Lovely.

  16. I love your Osmanthus Madeleine! What a perfect mix of the east and west. :) The lovely floral scent from the osmanthus must be fragrant and beautiful in these little tea cakes.

  17. Ah never thought of adding osmanthus to madeleines... so clever of u, Kit. I can imagine the wonderful aroma :)

  18. I think I need to buy a madeleine mould lol Kit , I love the aroma of osmanthus and adding it to these dainty cakes , I'm sure it tastes fantastic !

  19. Love the aroma of osmanthus..the madeleines look perfect.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  20. oh its so pretty Kit!
    Happy Chinese New Year to u and family :)

  21. Hi kit, Happy new year to you and family. Gong Xi fa Cai.
    With love and hugs to you.

  22. You always use such exotic and unusual ingredients!! These look great and perfect for Valentine's Day...I love madeleines! :-)

  23. Hi Kit,

    You are so clever creating such a romantic-oriental version of madeleines. I can clearly feel the music "love is in the air" with these...

    Happy CNY to you and your family. May this snake year bring you lots of luck and happiness for everything.