Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mocha & Kahlua Tres Leches Cake

Mocha & Kahlua Tres Leches Cake
Adapted from The Frugal Chef


2/3 cup flour
1/3 cup unsweetened coco powder
1 ½ tsp baking powder
¼ salt
5 eggs separated ( room temperature )
1 cup of sugar ( I only added ½ cup)
1/3 whole milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp Kahlua
20 cm cake pan

Milks mixture
1 cup double cream or whipping cream
414 ml sweetened condensed milk
230 ml evaporated milk
1 tbsp instant coffee ( I’ve added espresso)

For Cream Topping
1 ½ cup double cream
¼ cup icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp cocoa powder + some for topping


1)      Preheat oven to 180°C & greased cake pan (lined with parchment paper)  Sift flour together with baking powder, cocoa powder & salt .
2)      Beat egg yolks for 2 minutes till creamy . Pour in milk , Kahlua with vanilla  & mix well for 1 minute . Set aside .
3)      In a large bowl beat egg white till frothy & add in ¼ cup sugar. Beat egg whites till soft peak form & set aside .
4)      Whisk 1/3 of flour mixture to egg yolks . Mix well & add in  1/3 of egg whites  . Repeat  & stir till well combined . Pour batter into cake pan & bake for15 to 20 mins. Let to cool .

5)      For Milk Mixture : Place all ingredients in a sauce pan & whisk till coffee dissolves . (do not boil the milks) . Remove from heat & let to cool .
6)      Make small holes on the whole cake with a skewer .  Slowly ladle in the milk mixture & wait till cake absorb milk mixture between each ladle full. Add in all milk & don’t  worry about it gets too liquidity . The cake will absorb it all . Cover the cake & refrigerate it for at least 6 hours  or overnight .
7)      For Cream Topping : Whisk cream till fluffy & add in sugar, cocoa powder  & vanilla . Beat till stiff peaks . Spread cream mixture on cake & sprinkle some cocoa powder over it & serve .

Submitting this post to Bake Along event hosted by   Joyceof Kitchen Flavours  & co hosting with   Lena  Of Frozen Wings together with   Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids . This month’s theme was Tres Leches Cake & was selected by   Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids



  1. Wow what a beautiful cake! I am always impressed with your baking skills :)


  2. Awesome presentation , Kit ! Just love the snow background , so unique :D

    I'm really glad that I've baked tres leches cake ! It taste really good , isn't it ? Your mocha version looks so tempting !

    I should have added some Kahlua in mine :P ;D

  3. I love the idea of adding coffee and Kahlua - I might just try that next time. It looks lovely.

  4. Kit what lovely Tres leches ! I told you sometimes I love Jane Austen too??? and love your recipes:)

  5. Gosh, I've not heard of a three milk cake before, sounds really interesting Kit. I think it might just have to be tried.

    Apologies for not visiting so much any more, I just seem to be really busy all the time these days. But you and your lovely blog are not forgotten.

  6. Hi Kit, i was just commenting to Zoe and Lena that this cake reminds me of tiramisu - just add some booze and coffee. And now you did just that - oooo, yummy. Great minds think alike heehee.

  7. Hi Kit,

    Is it still snowing at your place? I see daffodil growing out from the snow... Spring should be approaching soon.

    I realise that some men can fussy with cakes... LOL! And, learn that most men that I know actually like rich cakes rather than the light and spongy ones.

    Nice to know that the addition of Kahlua has convinced your husband to like the milky and light tres leches cake :D


  8. Hi Kit,
    Lovely cake! I should try with coffee too the next time! Adding Kahlua is just wonderful, must be really fragrant and yummy! My family really enjoyed this cake very much!
    Thank you for linking up!
    I'm so jealous over the snow! With our super hot sweaty weather here, it would be a nice change to have some snow! LOL!
    Hope you have a great week!

  9. Hi Kit,
    Gosh!! i am like screaming looking at your awesome tres leches cake on the snow ground and are those daffodils?? .. They are beautiful!! The clicks are so unique like what Anne mention.
    I bet your cake is as delicious as it looks
    This cake is new to me. I am going to bake this too:D

  10. Kit, this is different from the usual Tres Leches cake. Bravo for the variation as it looks good! I don't really like milk but with cocoa and kahlua, I might change my mind :)

  11. Hi Kit! Was that bed of snow in the background? Wow... must be freezing cold!

    Love the idea of adding Kahlua into the cake! :D

  12. Gosh I am sure I would love the flavours of this Tres Lesche cake... so different from the normal one.

  13. Kahlua must have added extra flavour to this moist and rich tres leches cake.

  14. hi kit, the other day when i saw anne making her coffee tres leches cake, i thought it's simply awesome as i hv not come across a coffee flavoured one. I believe your version is just as great compared to the original plain. with kahlua somemore..mmm! happy to see you sharing your version with us, thank you!

  15. Hi kit, love your version. My sons are the opposite of yours. They don't like mushy cakes and shot down my suggestion when i told them i want to try baking a tres lesche cake!

  16. Have not come across this cake before and it looks quite firm even with all that milk.

  17. I can almost taste the blast of flavors .. looks absolutely divine, Kit.

  18. I have made a classic tres leche, but love your variation!

  19. I love cakes with kahlua and this classic cake pretty. The pictures are presented beautifully on the snow :)

  20. Hi Kit, another delectable cake. Very luscious and chocolatey. Great recipe, I like the milk mixture. Thank for sharing this wonderful recipe. Nice picture. :))

    With hugs to you.