Friday, June 28, 2013

Spiral Chicken Curry Puffs ( Karipap Pusing)

Spiral Chicken Curry Puff (Karipap Pusing)
Recipe inspired & adapted from  Sam Tan’s Kitchen


For water dough :
300g flour
½ tsp salt
½ lukewarm water
1 small beaten egg
1Tbsp beaten egg

A)    Combine all ingredients & knead till soft dough (non sticky texture) . Divide & roll onto 2 equal balls , COVER . Leave to rest for 30 mins .

For Grease dough
75g cold butter  (diced)
150g flour

B)    Using fork or knives to cut butter & flour together till it resembles coarse sand . Knead by hand till smooth & shinny . Divide the rool into 2 equal balls .

For the chicken curry filling :
200g chicken breast ( diced)
1 onion (finely chopped)
2 Tsbp curry powder
2 large potatoes
100ml coconut milk

Saute onion over mediem heat & add in chicken . Stir well  & add in curry powder, potatoes , salt & coconut milk . Simmer , stirring till nearly dry & the potatoes are tender . Let to cool .

How to make the puff dough: Full tutorial HERE

1) Enclose one ball og grease dough in a ball of water dough .

2) Roll out the roll into a thin oval with rolling pin on a lightly floured surface . Then roll up tightly from one end to the other just like a Swiss roll .

3)      Turn the rolled up tube 80degrees & repeat the previous step- flatten it thinly again lengthwise into a long oval, then roll up tightly again like a Swiss roll .
4)      Slice ito 2 cm discs using a knife . The spiral layers should be clearly visible .
5)      Using a rolling pin the disc into thin layer splitting apart .
6)      Fill a Tbsp of chicken curry filling in the center ( Not too much , or else it will burst) . With your fingers crimp by pinching the edges flat & fold in at a 45degree angle to form a rope  .  To know more about how to do it, click HERE 

7)      Deep fry the puffs in hot oil over medium heat till golden brown . Drain on kitchen towels all the excess oil .

Linking this post to Little Thumbs Up event up hosted this month  by Miss B of  Everybody Eats Well at Flanders. This monthly event is  organized by Zoe  Of Bake For Happy Kids together with  Doreen from My Little D.I.Y . This month’s theme is all about CURRY . 

Wisteria from my garden

This is the exac location where I took these pictures of my curry puffs , under this pagola of Wisteria from my garden


  1. Love that flaky layers curry puff. Look so delicious and I can forget about the calories too!

  2. These look fabulous - they have really got me salivating.

  3. Wow, your karipap pusing looks so beautiful. I remember I made this spiral puff once but unfortunately the dough was so soft to handle. Dont know why. Now looking at yours make me so envy that your make it so well done amd Delicious!!

  4. Kit , these curry puffs look terrific ! Love the crisp and flaky layers so as the filling :)

  5. Hi Kit,
    Wow! gorgoeus curry puffs, you did the spiral really well! I could eat a few in one sitting! Haha! Love it, curry puffs are the one snack that I will reach out for if served at parties! Simply love it! Really wish I could have a few of your lovely curry puffs now!

  6. Hi Kit,your curry puffs looks so crispy and yummy!!!! Well done! Love your beautiful garden too :)

  7. Kit, you so clever la. I have not even tried at making spiral ones. I love this spiral ones as it's extra crisp and just wonderful for tea. Not only are you tempting me with your curry puffs but with your beautiful garden too. Love it!

  8. Hi Kit,
    Thanks for joining the curry event! I have wanted to make spiral curry puffs too, but too bad couldn't make them in time! Your curry puffs are tempting me, gonna give the recipe a try when I have the time. And what a beautiful garden you have, really envious!

  9. I love curry puffs :) I make them at home sometimes, though I do the baked version, since it's a bit easier haha....I love the way you shaped these- and the filling looks amazingly delicious too!! Might have to give these a go next time for a change!

  10. Kit, I love your spiral curry puffs! I cannot resist curry puffs and I wish I can have your curry puffs hot from the pan :)

  11. Hi Kit, I wish I could sit in your garden and enjoy your karipap there lol! what a lovely ambience!

  12. Kit your garden is beautiful! Haha got distracted, your curry puffs look great too. Can't say I've ever made curry puff in my life, cos they're simply too cheap to buy here in KL. Still RM2 for 5!

  13. I've never seen anything like these! Just stunning!!!

  14. the puffs are awesome..the fact tat i have to fry the ingredients, had already put me off the "want-to-cook" are too far away, else i would like to ask for a puff, and my best part of the puffs is in fact e ingredients..kekeke..

  15. Oh wow I love your curry puffs. These are definitely popular in Singapore at the Malay stores and I really enjoy them very much.

  16. Hi Kit, love your spiral curry puff, look so inviting. The spiral effect look so beautiful too. And definitely like your garden, nice place to enjoy curry puff and drink coffee. Those flowers are beautiful.

    I'm inviting you over to my blog for my party, sipping pina calado and kap leng chai...hahaha

    Be seeing you, have a lovely week ahead, regards. With lots of love and hugs to you.

  17. Hi Kit,

    I really envy you for having such a beautiful garden. Our house is so small that we only grow our miniature trees in pots - LOL! When we retire, maybe we can move further to the outer suburbs for more gardening space... still counting my years :p

    Your curry puffs are so beautifully made! Saw Faeeze's ones too and regret that I didn't manage to bake these for the event.


  18. so professionally made! The swirls look fantastic! you know, when i saw the title of karipap pusing, it reminds me of a joke that i recently told a friend. What do you call a singh who is always confused? answer is Kepala Pusing!

    i wish one day i can sit and chat with you in your beautiful garden!