Friday, August 30, 2013

Coffee Chocolate Croissants ( Nigella Lawson)

Coffee Chocolate Croissants
Adapted from Nigella .com

Ingredients :
1 all butter ready to rolled puff pastry sheet
Any chocolate of your choice (dark, milk or coffee chocolate )
1 egg lightly beaten
1)      Preheat oven to 220°C .  Roll out the ready to use puff pastry sheet & cut it into triangles (as show below) .  Put the wider part of the triangles facing you & the pointing part away from you . 

2)      Break off small pieces of chocolate place on pastry triangle about 2 cm up from the  wide end nearest you .

3) Carefully roll from the chocolate loaded end towards the point of triangle & you'll have a straight croissant . Seal it by pressing with your fingertips & curl it around into a crescent . Place croissants on a lined baking tray & brush with egg wash . Bake for 15 minutes till golden brown & puffy .


  1. Hi Kit
    It is not very often I come across croissant with a piece of chocolate roll in as filling. This look great for my afternoon tea.

  2. Hi Kit, wow... wish I can have this chocolate croissant now for my breakfast. Look really good and very well bake. Lovely flower from your garden. :)

    Hugs and kisses to you. Regards.

  3. Kit, this is so yum! With Nutella, I can see stars hah! hah!

  4. Good Job to your sons, Kit. They are so nicely rolled. I like this recipe. Thanks for sharing it here.

  5. Such a easy but delicious recipe! Love chocolate croissants!

  6. Hi Kit,
    Your sons are awesome! Making these without supervision, and these turned out great! It sounds delicious with coffee choco and even nutella too. I'm a fan of coffee, so I will definitely grab the coffee choco ones first, then the nutella!
    I love this book of Nigella!
    Thanks for linking!

  7. This must be the easiest croissant recipe I have seen. Very tempted to try it out asap. Thanks for sharing, Kit. :)

  8. Hi Kit,

    I didn't know Fathers' Day is on September for you too at the Northern hemisphere! I always think the Aussie is the only one in the world that celebrate Fathers' Day in Sep and the rest of the world celebrate in June!

    Is your big boss happy eating this delicious croissants? He must be!!!


  9. I want that coffee flavored chocolate ! Hopefully , I can find it here :P Kit , these croissants look delish - yummmm !