Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Puff Pastry Egg Basket

Puff Pastry Egg Basket

Ingrédients :
Puff pastry
6 eggs
1 sliced scallion ( I’ve used sliced leek)
Grated cheese ( I’ve used  Comté cheese)
Salt & pepper
Muffin tin


1)      Preheat oven to 180°C & greased muffin pan . Place a sheet of puff pastry in each greased muffin tin . Push it down gently & leave a little puff pastry comes out on the top to create  basket effect . 

2)      Add in grated cheese & sliced scallion on the bottom of each pastry basket . Crack an egg in each basket , sprinkle salt  & pepper . You can top with more cheese & scallion .  Place in the oven & cook till puff pastry turn golden brown & the egg is cooked to your preferred doneness .  Serve warm .

Linking this post to Little Thumbs Up event hosted this month by Yen from Eat Your Heart Out . This even is organized by  Zoe of Bake For Happy KidsDoreenof My Little D. I .Y.  This month’s theme is all about EGG


  1. Hi Kit,

    You are always delicate shaping your bread and pastries... Your egg baskets look flower baskets to me :D


  2. Hi Kit
    These egg baskets sounds great for breakfast...and it looks great and sure to brighten up for the day.

  3. These egg baskets look delicious and pretty!

  4. Hi kit, I have used bread as basket to hold eggs, and I shall try with puff pastry next time. Bet it tastes better than bread!

  5. Hi Kit,
    Love how your delicate hands did to the lovely puff baskets.
    They looks like pretty flowers to me..:D
    Bet it is just as yummy as it look.

  6. Kit, it's ok you don't have time to drop by! I saw this posting in the morning after renewing my blog but I didn't have time to drop by becoz I was in a hurry, then I took my daughter out for a hair cut, when we got back, it was time to rush out to pick up my son,.....so now, before going to sleep, I have time to sit down to reply visit again~

    Your egg in the baskets look so delicious! I've seen a similar version with the use of filo pastry. I love all the versions though I haven't had them myself becoz I just love eating eggs. The yolks were still runny there~

  7. Hi Kit, thanks for linking this to LTU! No shame in using store bought puff pastry, says the other lazy woman who uses them :) I should try this version soon, buttery puff pastry and eggs sounds delish.

  8. Kit , I was planning on making similar to your delicious egg basket using my pullman bread , sadly , what was left is only a slice lol

  9. me too! i buy puff pastry from the shop too! Love how you shaped them into 'baskets'!

  10. How cute do these look. Would love to get these for breakfast.

  11. Hi Kit, your egg basket look gorgeous. Look so cute and tempting. Wish I can have 2 right now. :))
    Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Best regards. Hugs to you.