Friday, August 30, 2013

Girdlebuster Pie (Nigella Lawson)

Girdlebuster Pie
Adapted from Nigella Christmas cookbook

Ingredients :
For the crust base
400g graham crackers ( I’ve used speculoos)
170g soft butter
¼ cup bittersweet chocolate, chopped or chips ( I prefer using chopped chocolate)
¼ cup milk chocolate chopped or chips

For the ice cream filling
1 quart coffee ice cream 

For the topping :
1 cup golden syrup
½ cup packed soft light brown sugar
6 Tbsp butter
Pinch of salt (optional )
2 Tbsp bourbon
½ cup heavy cream

1)      In an electric mixer, process graham crackers (speculoos) with butter, chocolate pieces till it forms a damp but still crumb like clump.

2)      Press evenly the crumb mixture into a 20 cm pie dish & form a lip of cracker crumbs a little higher then the dish .  Freeze it for an hour & let ice cream soften enough to scooped by placing it in the refrigerator . Spread the ice cream onto the crumb mixture & smooth evenly . Cover in plastic wrap & replace in the freezer .

3)      For the topping : In a sauce combine syrup, sugar, salt  & butter & let it melt over low to medium heat, before turning it up & boiling for 5 minutes. Turn ooff the heat & add in bourbon, letting it hiss in a pan .

4)  Add in cream & stir to mix into a sauce. Leave to cool . Once the the sauce is cool( not set cold) , pour it over the ice cream pie . Place the pie back in the freezer . Once frozen, cover with a plastic wrap again .  ( can be freeze for up to 6 months) 

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  1. Hi Kit, your ice cream pie look like to die for the topping sauce, it look absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing this simple recipe.
    Nice click!

    Have a wonderful weekend, hugs to you.

  2. Kit, I think this is a wonderful recipe! Thanks for sharing it. Definitely a girdlebuster. I bet I can eat many slices! Quite an easy dessert to put together I would say :)

  3. Who could resist trying a recipe with a name like this!!! I wouldn't of guessed it was going to be an ice cream pie Kit, and coffee ice at that! That is intriguing. I can see this being a keeper!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  4. Hello Kit, this looks so yummy. I read it as Ghostbusters Pie and didn't realize my mistake until the very end:))

  5. Oh wow, this pie looks amazing with all that creamy filling.

  6. Hi Kit,
    Upon reading that this is from Nigella Christmas, I quickly took out my copy and look for it! How could I miss it! This looks fabulous, and with ice cream, would be a sell-out in my house in no time! Looks yummy!
    Thanks for linking another delicious dessert!

  7. Hi Kit,

    I love the gooey finish of this ice cream pie... It looks so sinfully delicious! I reckon that we don't need Christmas to enjoy this treat!!!


  8. Hi Kit,
    Never try making a ice cream pie before. Coffee flavour ice cream on a wonderful pie crust ..oh this is sinfully delicious!!


  9. I just love Nigella's recipes' creative name -Girdlebuster pie ?! lol Kit , that cake is calling my name ! It looks absolutely scrumptious - coffee ice cream pie ? Love it !