Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cheese Sago Cookies

Today I’m sharing another recipe that my family love to eat as snack .  Very addictive with cheddar cheese ! YUM!  This recipe calls for sago flour that you can find  at any Asian store .  You can also replace sago flour with tapioca flour as well . I’ve tried both sago & tapioca flour in making this cookies & find them deliver the same soft , light texture .  I’ve replaced margarine with butter which  gives  a richer taste to this cheesy cookies .  As usual I’ve reduced the sugar just a little as I want to obtain a more savoury flavour  than the over powering sweetness .  And voila , melt in the mouth  cheese cookies with tasty rich buttery  flavour .  Another cookie to enjoy during Chinese New Year .

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Cheese Sago Cookies
Adapted from Tested & Tasted
220g sago  flour (fried for 5 mins & let to cold . Sifted)
100g margarine ( I used butter)
100g icing sugar ( I used 80g )
1 egg yolk
75g Cheddar cheese ( shredded)
35ml milk or coconut milk ( I’ve used milk)

Method :
1)      Preheat oven to 150°C & line baking tray with baking paper . 

2)      Whisk 40 seconds margarine & icing sugar .  Add in egg yolk & mix well .

3)      Fold in sago flour , mix well then add in shredded cheese . Mix well again . 

4)      Pour in milk & mix till well combined . Using a piping bag & tip of your choice , pipe out cookie dough into desired shape on prepared baking tray . (If the batter is too stiff for piping , add in little milk to obtain a manageable batter ) Bake for 10 to 15 mins till lightly brown .


  1. Hi Kit,

    You still managed to buy sago flour at your place... It is not easily available here or maybe I didn't search hard enough :p

    Your cookies look wonderful... must be the melt-in the mouth kind :D


  2. Hi Kit,
    The name of the cookie already tells me it is has a light texture!
    Cheddar cheese, my kids would love it!
    Would love to try this one day!

  3. interesting..i wonder if they also taste similar to kuih bangkit only with the addition of cheese...but i think this dough is probably easier to handle as you can pipe it out. great cookies!

  4. Hi kit, this cookies sure look addictive and delicious. Looking at it,I think hard to stop eating. LOL Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Best regards.

  5. hi Kit, this is one of my favourite cookies! yum yum...
    thks for linking this to LTU cheese and sorry for the super late visit :)

  6. Hi Kit,
    Sorry for my super duper late visit :p

    My boys love cheddar cheese.
    This cookies will be a winner in my house.
    Thanks for sharing this to LTU!