Sunday, January 26, 2014

Taiwanese Pineapple Shortcakes

This is a recipe from another favorite blog of mine , Anne from My Bare Cupboard . I love this crumbly rich shortcakes with pineapple filling .  Since I do not have many individual cookie moulds to make this cake ,  I’ve baked mine without the mould & I did not flip them during baking .  Really glad of the outcome , they look good enough to me .  I always thought that making pineapple jam will be daunting ! Yes , I hate tedious stirring that is why I do not  dare to venture into making the famous CNY pineapple tart  . Lame excuse , I know !  LOL  Anyway  according to Wendy from Table For 2......Or More   , her recipe does not need much stirring .  True enough that making the pineapple filling is nearly effortless  .  Yeah , but now I don't have anymore excuse for not making pineapple tart !  

Submitting this post to Bake Along event organized by  Joyce of Kitchen Flavours together with  Lena of Frozen Wings &  Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids . This month’s theme is  Chinese New Year

Taiwanese Pineapple Shortcakes
Adapted- pastry recipe from My Bare Cupboard
Pineapple filling from Table for 2 ....or more 

190g pineapple filling (recipe here) or ready-made
125g cake flour
30g icing sugar
2 tbsp milk powder
15g custard powder
90g frozen salted butter (cut into small pieces)
2 -3 tbsp milk
1)      Preheat oven to 200°C ( I’ve preheated mine at 180°C)  & line baking tray with parchment paper . 

2)      Divide pineapple filling into 10 portions & shape into balls . Set aside .

3)      In a bowl , sift cake flour , icing sugar, milk powder .

4)      Rub in butter in flour mixture with fingertips till mixture resembles bread crumbs , tip it in a clean surface & knead till form soft dough . Divide into 10 equal  pieces (between 18 to 20g each) . 

5)      Fill each dough with pineapple filling & shape into ball (make sure that the filling is well wrapped) . Put  into  square or floral shape cookie mould (about 3 to 4 cm cookie mould) ; press with palm from the top . Turn it over & press the other side & place on lined baking tray . Turned down the oven to 165°C & bake for 20 to 25 mins till golden brown & flip once during baking . Set on wire rack to cool before unmolding . **(I do not have many individual moulds to make this cake , I’ve baked mine without the moulds & I did not flip them during baking )



  1. Looks fantastic - I recently conquered my fear and made pineapple nastar rolls. I should try this next!

  2. I have been wanting to make these... will do so next CNY!

  3. Hi Kit,

    I never look back after making my own pineapple tart filling. You are right that it wasn't "scary" to cook them at all :D

    I realised that you didn't add any yolk in your pastry too... Anne did. Mine without yolks was very difficult to handle and I'm surprised that you can handle yours so well...hmmm


    1. Hi Zoe, LOL yes, now only I realized that making the pineapple filling is not that scary ! hihihi
      Oh ya ! Thanks for pointing it out about the dough . I've totally forgotten it . Actually I've added 2 to 3 tbsp of milk for the dough to come together . I've added in the recipe, a couple of minutes ago . ;)

  4. Hi Kit,
    Your pineapple shortcakes looks good! I have seen it at Anne's and have bookmarked to make, just too many bakes to try! I will, one of these days!

  5. hey kit, i think i shld start making my own pineapple filling and tarts too..even tho you do not hv the mould, they turned our pretty nice too!

  6. Hi Kit, your pineapple shortbread look so sedaplicious and very well baked. Nothing beat the homemade and homemade pineapple jam is still the best. I always made my own, don't like the store brought cos they are way too sweet. The effort of cooking the jam is worth it. :))

    Have a nice day.