Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Steamed Black Sesame Butterfly Buns

Gosh! Can't believe that I've neglected my blog for more than 2 months !! Sorry for me MIA  but I was really  busy & lazy at the same time  (more to laziness though) . LOL  Time sure flies & it's about time I get back into track  ! So lets begin with this  lovely butterfly shape chinese steamed buns that I wanted to share with you all today  .  I was quite amazed when I spotted this recipe at Recettes d'un Chinoise's blog .  Finally I've made ... Yeah ! Very pleased with the outcome & so very yummy too . 

Steamed Black Sesame Butterfly Buns

Ingredients yields about 10 buns
150g cake or pastry flour (T45)
2g instant yeast
80 to 90 ml of warm water or warm milk
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp ground black sesame
A pinch of salt


1) In a small bowl add warm water & yeast . Stir well to dissolve & let stand till foamy for about 10 to 15 mins .

2) In a  mixing bowl combine flour ,sugar, the salt . Gradually stir in yeast mixture to make a soft smooth dough . Divide the dough into 2 portion & add ground sesame in one of the portion . Knead till well combined . Place in a greased  bowl & cover with damp tea towel or plastic wrap. Let it rise in a warm room till it doubled in size , about 1 hours.

3) On a clean surface , roll both dough into  rectangles, one overlaying the other.
Roll up them up together to form a  a swiss roll &  leave 1-2 cm edge at the end, this will make the antennae of the butterfly (as shown in the picture below) .

4) Cut the roll into 1 cm thick slices . To make the butterfly form, joined or stick  2 slices together as shown below . 

5) Using a chopstick or a skewer to pinch the center to form a butterfly .   Repeat with the remaining dough   & cover with tea towels or plastic wrap in a warm room for 20 mins . Steamed them on medium heat for 15 mins . Serve them warm


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  1. Love these little buns so effect, would never have thought you made them in a similar way to pinwheel biscuits - so clever.

    Oh and I find a little laziness very therapeutic!

    Glad to see you posting again.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  2. Those look absolutely perfect!

    Blessings, Catherine.

  3. Oh, that was such a lovely buns..almost everyone like butterflies...and that would get those children to eat this steamed buns as well as to admire them first.

  4. wow! i love your butterfly buns!!!! they are so lovely

  5. Kit,

    this is so innovative and these buns are beautiful made.. Looks very soft & fluffy ^^

  6. Hi Kit,
    I miss you :) glad to see you in action.
    Oh!! These are such pretty butterfly steam buns.
    Can I drop by for tea later? :p

  7. Hi Kit, This is so beautiful and I am sure your children are giggling away eating this fabulous steamed butterfly buns. Can see that the buns are very soft and fluffy too. Thanks for sharing, Kit and warmest regards :)

  8. They are just adorable. Love the method. Glad to see you back, Kit!

  9. Kit, these butterfly buns are so adorable!
    p.s in the method, you mentioned 6 tbsp sugar, but in the ingredient was just 1 tbsp...(In a mixing bowl combine flour beat 6 tbsp of sugar, the salt . )

  10. Oh that's really beautiful! Looks so soft too! Yum!

  11. Hi Kit,
    Glad to see you back on track! Been missing your posts and your lovely flowers! And the roses are simply beautiful!
    Steamed buns can even look this cute!
    Sedaplicious, with a cup of hot kopi-O!

  12. These are just perfect - so perfect! I love them!

  13. I would love to have these for tea and that's a lovely Chinese tea cup.

  14. Hi Kit,

    Welcome back to blogging!

    I miss all your pretty bakes... and here, we have your pretty sesame butterfly buns!!! Clap! Clap! Clap!


  15. Kit, your butterfly buns are really cute hah..hah...I wouldn't have the heart to eat them :)

  16. I have been a bit absent myself too. But what a good come back with these lovely little butterflies.

  17. Hi Kit, I have just one word for you - BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  18. These buns are beautiful. They sound tasty too.

  19. They are so pretty and they do look like real butterflies!

  20. Kit , laziness ?! I can relate lol How's your gorgeous garden nowadays ? Love these butterfly buns , so pretty and cute ! Yummy flavor , too !

  21. Glad to see you back in the groove. Hv been missing you n wondered if you went on long vac somewhere.. Your butterfly buns look so cute n soft.. Nice

  22. These are so beautiful and the dough part looks dead easy too. Not sure about shaping the butterflies, but I might give it a try.