Wednesday, December 2, 2015


For this festive season , I'll be sharing some of the Christmas treats we enjoy over here in Europe during festive season  . To begin with I've baked our family favourite & a speciality from Alsace . The  Kouglof or Kougelouf is a delicious sweet brioche with raisin, rum  & almond .   It's  a celebration brioche & usually serve  during  Christmas, wedding & village festival .  The origine of Kouglof was actually from Austria , Czech Republic & Sud of Germany .  I've used a silicon Kouglof mould to make this brioche but you can also use a bundt cake mould as well .  

Source from La Cuisine de Bernard 

Ingredients :

500g Flour
2 eggs 
100g sugar
200 ml milk
175g butter ( room temperature & cut into cubes)
1 packet active  dry  yeast
5g salt
160g raisin /sultana
 2 tbsp rum 
100g almonds
powdered / icing sugar 


1)  Soak raisin / sultana with some hot water ( just enough to cover the raisin) with 2 Tsbp of rum .Set aside . 

2)  Stir  half of the milk(warm) with 1 tbsp of sugar  & sprinkle in yeast . Leave it for 10 mins.

3)  Combine eggs , salt,  sugar & the rest of the milk in the bowl of your food processor . Mix well . 
4)  Add in flour together with yeast mixture & beat till the dough comes together . Using dough hook attachment & mix for 15 mins ( 20 mins by hand) . The dough should be elastic & smooth . 

5)  Gradually add in butter & mix till the dough detached from theside of the bowl (the dough no longer stick to the bowl) . 

6) Drain raisin , add into dough .& mix till well incorporated . Greased Kouglof mold or bundt pan & add almonds on the bottom of the mold .  Place the dough in prepared mold & cover with damp tea towel . Let it rise for 2 hours & double in size . 

7)  Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for 45 mins till golden brown . Place Kouglof on wire rack to cool . Sprinkle powdered sugar before serve . 

***This is another Kouglof that I've baked with a 'little' less sultana as my elder son does not like any dried fruit but I'm trying my luck here .  LOL 

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  1. Hi Kit,

    It must be cold and winter now at your place... Nice that baking this rustic and deliciously sweet kouglof can warm up your house and tummy!

    Can I ask if you can link your post with Cook and Celebrate event at Cheers!


    1. Hi Zoe , Thanks for dropping by . It's not as cold as I would like over here ! LOL No matter what is the weather , it's always good to eat something sweet! LOL I'll be delighted to share & link all my X'mas bakes with Cook & Celebrate event . Have a lovely day ;)

  2. Hello Kit....
    I heard about Kouglof but wasnt sure what ingredients it uses to bake it. I always thought it was just another plain butter baked in bundt pan. And thanks for sharing it.
    Love to "see" you more posting ..😆

    1. Hi Mel , So nice to hear from you . Glad to share some of my X'mas bakes especially when I bake most of these breads every X'mas but just don't have time to take photos . I've 2 hungry boys & they LOVE breads ! LOL

  3. Hi Kit! I would love to have a thick slice of your kouglof. Oppss...I can't even pronounce it hah..hah...

  4. LOL.... Mari-mari , come & minum kopi , have a slice of this kouglof . You're not the only one that can't pronounce , ME too ! LOL My sons made fun of me every single time I say the word KouGelooof ! wakakakakaka

  5. Hi Kit, I've heard of Kouglof bread but didn't find out more about. Thought must be very complex and complicated to bake it. Very lovely !

  6. Beautiful. You are just baking away. I want to try this recipe soon.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. hello kit! this is such a beautiful bread and very festive looking too to me, like a beautiful crown! like some of them too, heard of it but not aware of its history and festive bread!

  8. Hi Kit,
    Your bread is very pretty! I like the swirls of the almonds on top! Yum, wish I could have a slice of your lovely to pronounce huh? hehehe!

  9. Hello Kit, long time no see! Happy to have you back baking with us for the Christmas month ;)

  10. This is a beautiful bake! I have never heard of kugelhopf but it truly is a piece of artwork!