Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mannelés de la Saint Nicolas ( Brioche of Saint Nicolas)

Today is Saint Nicolas day & it is a celebration day here in France especially in Alsace region  . They are other European countries that also celebrate this traditional feast  such as The Netherlands , Belgium , certain parts of Germany & Austria .  Mennelé or Manalas are also known as little brioche of Saint Nicolas  . It's a simple brioche that has a gingerbread man kind of form . I did not made my Mannelé in the traditional form but in a more fun shape... LOL Anyway if you want to know how to make the traditional form of this brioche , click HERE  . You can also add in chocolate chips or raisin to the dough to enjoy a more tastier brioche .  Belgium has a similar brioche called Cougnous with a slightly different form of brioche that resembles baby Jesus in a swaddling cloths .

Mannelés / Manalas de la Saint Nicolas ( Petit bonhomme Saint Nicolas )
Recipe from 750 Grammes

500g flour
200 ml milk
2 eggs + 1 egg yolk
80 g sugar
75 g butter - softened & diced
1 packet dry instant yeast
1 tsp salt
Raisin or chocolate chip

Method :

1) In food processor combine flour , sugar & salt . Gradually mix in milk & eggs (one at a time) till all incorparated .

2) Mix in butter till all combined .  Knead the dough till smooth . Place in a greased big bowl & cover with damp towel .  Let to rise for 1- 1/2 hour in a warm place till double in size .

3) Punch down the dough & take a small hand full of dough to form the body into a round shape . Then take some tiny bits of dough , then form the arms & legs . Join the arm & leg by brushing some water before  sticking them to the body .(If this process is too complicated you can also use a ginger bread cutter ) . Place on baking tray & cover with tea towel & let to rise for another 30 mins .

4) Preheat oven to 180°C & brush egg wash over the brioche & add any decortion you like such as raisins, chocolate chips & so on to make the eyes or buttons for the Mannelés . Bake for 20 mins till golden brown . Let to cool on wire rack . Serve with hot chocolate ....... YUM ;)

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  1. Hi Kit,

    Fun that you are shaping these buttery brioches into snow men... I want the fattiest one :p


  2. Hi Kit, these 3D Brioches are so the kids liked them :)

  3. Cute manneles! And look at the crumbs of the bread! So soft and fluffy! My kinda bread! I love brioche breads. Kirim satu! :)

  4. They are so adorable and I love the soft and smooth crumb of your brioche.

  5. Haha these are so cute! Fat little men. :P

  6. hi kit, if i do this, for sure i will use the gingermen cutter... if i do manually sure they will look cacat...oops..haha!

  7. Hi Kit these are so cute! I want to bite off the head, then the arms and legs.. :P