Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pear Pinwheel & Hazelnut Cake

I’ve almost forgotten The Home Baker  (THB)  challenge this month & luckily I can still catch up!  Phew…. Just in time  & I must say that I  was a bit panic there!  LOL  As always I think I’m the last to submit my entry  &  most of  members are already baking the next recipe from Lou Seibert Pappas cookbook , Coffee Cake.  This is our 4th bake from this cookbook & this recipe was chosen by Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids.  I


Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 8

Whether former feelings were to be renewed must be brought to the proof; former times must undoubtedly be brought to the recollection of each; they could not but be reverted to; the year of their engagement could not but be named by him, in the little narratives or descriptions which conversation called forth.  His profession qualified him, his disposition lead him, to talk; and "That was in the year six;" "That happened before I went to sea in the year six," occurred in the course of the first evening they spent together:  and though his voice did not falter, and though she had no reason to suppose his eye wandering towards her while he spoke, Anne felt the utter impossibility, from her knowledge of his mind, that he could be unvisited by remembrance any more than herself. There must be the same immediate association of thought, though she was very far from conceiving it to be of equal pain.

Pear Pinwheel & Hazelnut Cake

For the recipe please refer to  Zoe of   Bake For Happy Kids  & for more  lovely bakes from all the members of  The Home Bakers  (THB)   click HERE. 

1) Beat butter & sugar.

2)  Gradually add in eggs & almond extract.

3) Fold in hazelnut & flour mixture till well combined.

4) Pour batter into a springform pan & arrange the slice pears before sprinkle sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg . P/S I've missed one step which was coating the pears with this sugar mixture before placing them on the batter! 

Roses from my garden

 Michèle Morgan Rose

 Pierre De Ronsard Rose