Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Danish Chocolate Streusel – Swirled Coffee Cake

This month , Anuja of Simple Baking has selected this lovely Danish Chocolate Streusel for  The Home Bakers (THB) . We’re are actually baking  from Lou Sheibert Pappas’s cookbook – Coffee Cakes .  This is another yummy recipe & definitely a keeper . 

Danish Chocolate Streusel – Swirled Cake

For full recipe please hop over to  Anuja of Simple Baking . For more appetizing bakes from the members of THB click HERE

1)      Beat sugar, butter salt & cardamom till light & fluffy.

2)      Add in eggs & gradually add in flour with milk. Beat till soft dough . Knead dough till smooth & elastic for 10 minutes. Let it rise for at least 1 hour in a warm place.

3)      To make chocolate streusel : rub in butter , sugar, flour, cocoa & cinnamon till crumbs.

4)      . Cut the dough into half. Roll on half into 26 x36 cm rectangle. Spread evenly half of the chocolate streusel filling. Roll up the dough & slice or cut the roll at 2 cm intervals. Spread evenly half of the apple filling. Roll up the dough & slice or cut the roll at 2 cm intervals. Repeat with the remaining dough & filling & place them in a greased cake pan  & cover with tea towels or plastic wrap in a warm room for 1 hour

5)      ) Preheat oven to 170°C . Lightly brush the roll with milk . Place in the oven & bake for 30 to 35 minutes till golden brown.  Let to cool

Jane Austen moment in Persuasion

Chapter 12

"Elliot!"  Many had looked on each other, and many had repeated the name, before all this had been got through, even by the smart rapidity of a waiter.
"Bless me!" cried Mary; "it must be our cousin; it must be our Mr Elliot, it must, indeed!  Charles, Anne, must not it?  In mourning, you see, just as our Mr Elliot must be.  How very extraordinary!  In the very same inn with us!  Anne, must not it be our Mr Elliot? my father's next heir?  Pray sir," turning to the waiter, "did not you hear, did not his servant say whether he belonged to the Kellynch family?"
"No, ma'am, he did not mention no particular family; but he said his master was a very rich gentleman, and would be a baronight some day."
"There! you see!" cried Mary in an ecstasy, "just as I said!  Heir to Sir Walter Elliot!  I was sure that would come out, if it was so.  Depend upon it, that is a circumstance which his servants take care to publish, wherever he goes.  But, Anne, only conceive how extraordinary!  I wish I had looked at him more.  I wish we had been aware in time, who it was, that he might have been introduced to us. What a pity that we should not have been introduced to each other!  Do you think he had the Elliot countenance?  I hardly looked at him, I was looking at the horses; but I think he had something of the Elliot countenance, I wonder the arms did not strike me!  Oh! the great-coat was hanging over the panel, and hid the arms, so it did; otherwise, I am sure, I should have observed them, and the livery too; if the servant had not been in mourning, one should have known him by the livery."

Sunflowers from our veg patch