Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunflower Seed Pull-Apart Focacia (THB)

This is the #31 bake for The Home Bakers(THB)  event ,this month . This recipe is selected by our organizer & baking buddy ,  Joyce of Kitchen Flavours  . We're baking every single recipe from Lou Seibert Pappas's coobook - Coffee Cake .  Joyce has baked this focacia beautifully shaped even better than the picture in the cookbook .  Being a huge fan of focacia , I was really looking forward for this bake as I'm  intrigued by the shape of this focacia too ! Sounds silly is it ?!! LOL  Thanks to Joyce for step by step tutorial pictures on how to shape it . PHEW! That really save the day ! LOL For full recipe & tutorial HERE . For more this delicious focacia from all the members of THB HERE  I've made the full recipe &  added only 1 cup of room temperature water but still the dough turned to be sticky & difficult to handle even with 4 full cups of bread flour . Finally I've managed to shape it with some olive oil & by 2nd proofing time, it turned out great . I've added more olive oil on the forcacia that it calles after baking , just to give it a more shiny look. I'm quite happy with the end result , looks o;kay ( even the shape was not that even ) & taste delicious  .  My family enjoy this focacia very much . This is another keeper recipe which I'm certainly making again .


  1. Hi Kit,
    I like the pretty pattern of the focaccia too! Glad that your family have enjoyed this bread. Your focaccia looks really nice with the golden brown colour, and the sunflower seeds stay in place! The seeds did not stick on my focaccia! But nevertheless, we enjoyed this bread with hot mushroom soup!

  2. I do love how social a pull-apart bread can be- it just cries out for a dinnertable filled full of friends, laughter and very good food!

  3. Love to eat Focacia but never bake it. To me too messy but seeing you and other bloggers making it such an easy bake.

  4. Hi Kit! Your bread looks really nice and fluffy! I don't know why mine just won't look as fluffy... Can't wait to bake with you again!

  5. Hi Kit, your bread look very well baked,soft and fluffy. You're excellent in all kind of baking and dessert. 2 thumbs up for you. Love the blue flowers.

    Have a great week ahead. A big hugs to you.


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