Monday, May 19, 2014

Chocolate - Almond Soufflé Cake (THB)

Just in time for our 34th bake at The Home Bakers (THB) . This event is oraganized by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours  . We are currently baking from Lou Seibert Pappas's cookbook - Coffee Cake  . Grace from Life Can Be Simple has sellected this recipe .  My cake turned out to be quite dence as you can see . I guess that it's because I've added 1/4 cup flour with 1/4 cup of almond meal instead of 1/2 cup of flour .  Nevertheless it's a nice nutty flavour cake , great with a cup of Mocha . Please hop over to Grace for the full recipe . For more of this bake from the members of THB HERE


  1. Hi Kit,
    Long time "no see"! Haha!
    My cake did not turn out as fluffy as Grace's, but nevertheless it has a light texture and I enjoyed it with both coffee and tea!

  2. Kit , not fluffy is fine as long as it is a chocolate souffle cake :D


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