Saturday, August 30, 2014

Apple Tart Fine – Tarte fine aux pommes (Gordon Ramsay)

A favourite of our family , this classic French dessert - Tarte fine aux pommes or Apple Tart Fine . I’ve came across this version of Gordon Ramsay on YouTube . A perfect dessert that is so easy to put together with only few ingredients & ready within minutes . Usually I’ll add some ground cinnamon for the topping together with light brown sugar before baking it instead of using a blow torch to caramelized the apples .  But nevertheless this version of Gordon Ramsay were really delicious especially with ice-cream …. YUM !

.***  By the way , I’ll be hosting next month’s Little Thumbs Up event & my theme is APPLE .  This event is hosted by Bake For Happy Kids &  My Favourite Little DIY . So do stay tune to my next post & join the fun linking party which will begin on  2nd September . 

Apple  Tart Fine – Tarte fine aux pommes (Gordon Ramsay)
Adapted from HERE

Ingredients :
 Puff pastry
2 large apples (cored, peeled & finely sliced) I’ve used Granny Smith apples
1 tbsp melted butter
Icing sugar

Method :

1)      Preheat oven to 190°C . Cut the puff pastry into a 20 cm circle  & place it on lined baking tray .

2)      Place sliced apples over the puff pastry by layering them . Brush melted butter over the apples & sprinkle with sugar . Bake till apple turned lightly brown for about 20 to 25 mins .

3)      Remove from oven & sprinkle icing sugar over the tart . Using blow torch to caramelized the apples . Served with ice-cream of your choice . YUM

***To watch how Gordon Ramsay make this tart HERE


  1. Kit , that is one gorgeous apple tart ! It's beautifully-made and it wouldn't be complete without a scoop of ice cream on top :D

  2. Apple tart is definitely one of the best autumn treats. This looks awesome with ice cream, Kit.

  3. Hi Kit,

    Your apple tart is gorgeous!

    September is just starting and you are so excited for the LTU event already!!! :p


  4. Looks perfect! Got to try it soon! First have to buy some ice cream:P

  5. Kit, I am looking forwards to your apple event! I have never baked or cooked with apples and this month is a good time to start!


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