Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apple Jam - Confiture de pommes

It's been ages since I last made jam so here I am making jam  . LOL  Less than 5 ingredients & an hour later , it's done . Homemade jam is always the best no matter what they say.  Great with toast, scones or even in Bakewell Tart . Talking about Bakewell Tart , I'm craving for one now !!!! Ggrrrrr

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Apple jam - Confiture de pommes
Adapted from HERE

1.2  kg apples -peeled, cored & thinly sliced 
800g jam sugar
1 vanilla pod -halved
1 cinnamon stick 
3 to 4 sterilized glass jar 


1)  In a large pan add all the ingredients & cook over medium heat for about 30 - 40 mins . Stir time to time with wooden spoon & cook till apples are translucent & softened . 

2)  Discard vanilla pod & cinnamon stick before spooning into glass jar . Store in the fridge up to 1 month . 

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