Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cocoa - Dusted Cherry Granola Cake (THB)

It's been a while since I last bake with The Home Bakers(THB) so without delay , last Friday I've baked this month's coffee cake selected by Jasline of Foodie Baker . We at THB are baking from Lou Seibert Pappas's cookbook - Coffee Cake . This event is hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours . 

 I've made half of the recipe & as usual I've reduced the sugar slighty . I've used plain yogurt to replaced buttermilk & also used all purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour  . Reason being was , I've ran out of whole wheat flour & it was raining  cats & dogs outside . Well , one word .... LAZY ! Yup! that's my current mode ! But hey, I did baked  12 mini muffins ,right ! LOL  I'm getting to 'active' mode pretty soon, just a matter of time, I soppose !!??  Anyway let's get back to this delicious cake . Oh ya before I totally forgotten to mention this , since I can't get any dried cherries I've substitide with canned cherries .  I was worried that the muffins might turned out to be a liitle wet & surprisingly they're not  . The muffins were lovely with soft texture & the  crunchy walnut cocoa streusel was great  .  Perfect little cakes for breakfast or snack with a cup of hot chocolate .... YUM ! For the full recipe please hop over to Jasline HERE & for more bakes of this yummy cake from all the THB members HERE . Thanks for dropping by & have a nice everyone


  1. Looks yummy! I am marking this to try, hopefully I can make it to this event by this weekend.

  2. Hi Kit,
    Using canned cherries sounds yummy! I like the struesel topping too!
    Glad that you did not miss this bake, better late than never! :)


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