Monday, September 29, 2014

Rustic Apple & Brie Bread

This recipe is inspired from the Brie Bread from our local bakery .  The only difference was I've added some diced apples in my rustic bread recipe . This is a dence rustic bread with ozzing Brie cheese .  YUM! Great for brunch with some salad . But I must say that I personally prefer Camembert with apple though ! LOL 

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Rustic Apple & Brie Bread 
Recipe from I-Lost in Austen

400g bread flour
1 package of instant yeast
300 ml warm water
150g Brie cheese
2 medium size apples ( Gala or Golden ) 
1 tsp salt


1)  In a large bowl combine flour & salt . Make a well , add in yeast with water & mix till form a dough . Knead for about 5 mins till smooth . (If it's too handle , add more water ) Let to proof for 1 hour in a warm place or till double in size . 

2) Peel & core  apples & diced 1 apple into small piece . Cut into thick slices the other apple for the topping . 

3)  Punch down the dough , knead for 5 mins & add in diced apples . Knead till all combined & roll it out in a disk & place brie cheese in the center . (You can also remove the outer skin of the cheese ) Wrap bread dough around the cheese & top with sliced apples .  Let the bread to proof for another 30 mins . 

3)  Preheat oven to 220°C . Bake the bread for 35 to 40 mins till golden brown . 


  1. Hi Kit,

    I believe that apple matches well with either brie or Camembert too. This bread looks very creamy and wonderfully good to enjoy.


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