Wednesday, September 17, 2014

French Galette With Cherry Walnut Topping (THB)

I know I've been saying this quite often but anyway this is another keeper recipe that I'm definitely making again . This delicious recipe  was chosen by Lena from Frozen Wings & we (The Home Bakers) are currently baking from Lou Seibert Pappas's cookbook - Coffee Cake  .  The Home Bakers (THB) bake along is hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours .  I'm really glad that I've made the full recipe of this galette as it turned to be very tasty . It reminds me  of brioche with a lovely cherry & nutty topping . My family love this galette very much even my eldest son who was not keen of brioche liked it .  I think that says it all ! LOL I've made some changes in this recipe which was the flour  that I've replaced with bread flour . As you can see from the pictures that it does have the soft fluffy texture  even though I've only kneaded the dough for only 5 mins (I was rushing to fetch my son! LOL ) I've used canned cherries instead of dried cherries & I've also almond flakes to chopped walnut as well . To tell the truth ,  I don't have any almond flakes left in my pantry . I wonder which  mouse (my sons)  ate ALL my almond flakes ?!!!!  For the full recipe please go to Lena of  Frozen Wings & more of this lovely bake from the members of THB HERE .


  1. Hi Kit,
    You are right, this is a keeper recipe! I really like this a lot. It has a soft fluffy texture and delicious! Glad that you have baked this galette! In my house, no one will touch the nuts, but... I got to hide the chocolates in my special secret place! Haha!

  2. Hi Kit,

    I didn't manage to bake this recipe because I was running short of time. Feeling kind of regret now :p


  3. I've seen the girls delicious galette last time and I was tempted to make it myself since all of them were raving about it , sadly , I'm too lazy to do it :P I think the texture looks great and the cherry topping certainly adds color . You need a mousetrap to safeguard your almonds lol

  4. hi kit, i pandai pandai went and try OO flour to make this....very nice on the 1st day but turns a little dry on the second day. Still i think bread flour is an excellent choice to make this sort of bread :)


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