Monday, September 29, 2014

Roast Pork With Apple - Rôti de porc aux pommes

An autumny & comforting roast pork with apple for a busy weeknight meal . Easy yet delicious dish to enjoy with family after a long day .

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Roast Pork With Apple  - Rôti de porc aux pommes
Recipe source from Best of Gourmand magazine 2014

1 kg pork tenderloin
5 apples - cored & cut into wedges or quarters
3 sprigs fresh rosemary + 1 sprig for ganishing 
1 large onion - sliced
35g butter - room temperature 
3 Tbsp honey
salt & pepper

Method :

1)  Preheat oven to 180°C . Place chicken on a roasting pan & sprinkle salt & pepper over the chicken  . Coat  with honey & then brush butter over chicken . Scatter with  rosemary sprigs & roast the chicken in the oven for 10 mins .

2)  Remove chicken from oven , add sliced onion  around the chicken & make sure toss with the juice till well coated . Roast for another 40 mins .  

3) After 40 mins , add apple wedges around the chicken & coat evenly with juice before roasting in the oven for 10 mins . Bon Appetit 


  1. The pork roast looks really juicy and tender!

  2. I always like a one pot meal. Saves me time and cleaning. Nice to have pork roast for a change.

  3. Hi Kit,
    Wow! I wish I could grab that pan right over! Looks really delicious!


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